Passion For Blogging!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog, just like many bloggers out there I also have a passion for blogging and I am excited to start sharing my blog posts with you all. My biggest passion is music and on this blog you will find many blog posts about music i.e. music video reviews, the latest news from the music world and so on. However, I will also write about fashion, makeup, share my photography and write lifestyle posts. These lifestyle posts will include topics such as goal setting, interview tips, how to manage your time better and many more. Since I work at the YMCA I feel that it will be beneficial to share some of the information from workshops that I have facilitated.

ImageI will also be starting a segment called Music Monday and every Monday I will post a music video from any decade. Since this is mainly a music blog I figured this segment fits nicely with the blog’s topic, so make sure to check out my blog every Monday for a new Music Video.

Anyway this was my brief introduction and if you enjoy my blog, please click the “follow” button, it would definitely mean a lot to me.

See you soon!

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