Music Monday! Week 3.

Hello everyone,

It is another Monday which means that it is Music Monday! Today I decided to pick a fun music video that I think will bring a smile to your faces and let’s face it Mondays can be a drag, so we need a pick-me-up. PSY released his new music video on Saturday April 13, 2013 and once again he did not disappoint. However I will be honest, when I first heard this song I did not like it very much, but I decided to give it another shot and now I cannot stop replaying it. The disappointing factor for me at the beginning was that it did not sound as catchy as “Gangnam Style”, however I think shifting away from “Gangnam Style” and creating something different is a good idea.  In my opinion this music video is hilarious and very entertaining. The title of his new song is “Gentlemen” which you would assume it is about being a gentlemen, however that is false. In this video he is the furthest thing from being gentlemen, this music video is so funny that I can’t stop laughing every time I watch it. It is a a catchy song, however it is very different from “Gangnam Style” it may not be as successful as “Gangnam Style”. Its success would depends on song sales, what number it reaches on the Billboard charts and of course YouTube views.

PSY’s dance sequence from his new music video “Gentleman”

I was impressed to see that PSY’s new music video got 4 million views the same day that it was posted, for some musicians it takes a couple of days to reach so many views. Today his music video has reached 58 million views, all I have to say is kudos PSY. I’ve have got to say that his songs are indeed very catchy and the dances are fun as well.

Enjoy it and let me know in the comments box below what you think about this music video.

See you soon!

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