A Blast From The Past! 90s week. (#10 & 9)

Hello everyone,

I am back this week with something brand new and that is 90s week!!! I am in love with the 90s decade especially because I really enjoyed the music back then, so I decided to post my top ten 90s music videos and albums. My picks will be based on my personal preferences, Billboard charts performance, number of track/album sales and awards that have been won. It was difficult to make my selection because there are so many amazing music videos and albums, but after a lot of research I finally came up with my choices.

Today I will be starting with number 10 and 9, then I will work my way up to number one, 90s week will end on Sunday June 30th. Some of my knowledge about these albums/music videos come from books I have read, as well as online articles, so I will be giving proper credit for that. On the other hand, some of my knowledge comes from simply keeping up with musician’s work. Let’s get started.


The album I chose as number 10 is “To The Extreme” by Vanilla Ice. Robert Van Winkle, aka, Vanilla Ice released his album in August 1990 and his album sold about 7,300,000 copies. This was a big deal back in the 90s because it showed that a white rapper could become a mainstream success. This album was also the first album to reach all five certification levels in a month 1) gold, 2) platnum, 3)double platnum, 4) triple platnum and 5) quadruple platnum.

The album I chose as number 9 is “Spice” by the Spice Girls. The album was released in February 1997 and it sold 10,000,000 copies worldwide. The Spice Girls are known as one of the biggest pop group of the 90s. They were the first pop group to land a number one spot on the UK charts and their album is considered a pop music classic. Their singles are fun, uplifting and energetic. I personally listened to their album countless of times and up to this day I still love it.


The music video that I chose as number 10 is “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. I chose this song as number 10 because I consider it an important of music history during the 90s. It was a single that reached high popularity and it introduced the first famous white rapper. “Ice Ice Baby” was the first hip hop song to top the Billboard Charts and it reached two single certifications, gold and platnum.

The music video I chose as number 9 is “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 65 which was released in 1999. Who may wonder why I decided to choose this song as number 9, well because it is a classic. The song was written by the lead singer of the band and this song won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. The single also reached number one on the Billboard Charts in many countries, as well as reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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