A Blast From The Past! 90s week. (#2)

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to day two of 90s week, we are fast approaching the end of 90s week, so today I will share a brand new album/music video. Let’s get started!


The album I chose as number 2 is “Millennium” by the Backstreet Boys. The album was released in May 1999 and it sold 13,300,000 copies. The album consists of fun and upset pop tracks, catchy dance moves and high many ballad songs. The album was nominated for Grammy Awards for the Album of the year and for Best pop vocal album. In 2000 their song “Show me the meaning of being lonely” was nominated for Grammy award for Best pop performance and “I want it that way” was nominated for Record of the year. Up to this day this album is considered one the best works released by the Backstreet Boys, I used replay this album day after day!


The music video I chose as number 2 is “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. The song was released on September 30, 1998 and this became the anthem of the late teen pop era. The single received 3x platinum certification in Australia, 3x gold certification in Germany, 2x platinum certification in Norway and a platinum certification in the US. The single reached the number one spot on the Hot 100 Singles Sales and it reminded number one for four weeks. The single reached number on the US Pop Songs chart, the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and in many other countries. To this day this is my favorite song from the 90s.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


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