MTV Then and Now!

Hello everyone,

If you are a music fanatic like myself and music is your passion, then you might have watched MTV religiously. When I say religiously, I mean watching it 24/7 and taping music videos. MTV was a huge part of my childhood because it inspired me musically and it also gave me the opportunity to watch my favourite musicians on TV. However, as the years went by popular culture changed, MTV changed and technology started to take over. Technology plays a huge part in the music industry, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a positive thing. I will discuss this particular topic in another post, but today I will discuss how MTV changed throughout the years.

Once upon a time MTV used to be the number one music network, if you wanted to watch the latest music video you would tune in to MTV. However, nowadays that is not the case and VEVO seems to have taken over as one of the top music video providers. Sadly, towards the mid-2000s MTV began to change and reality TV shows began to make their way into the world of popular culture. MTV switched from a music network to a Hollywoood gossip channel. So what does this mean for he future of MTV?

I will discuss this a little bit further along in this post, but right now I will tell you the history of MTV and how it all got started. MTV was officially launched on August 1, 1981 and music videos were introduced by VJs. Back in the 80s MTV was known for playing music videos twenty- four hours per day. The channel’s main headquarters is located in New York City and the signature image of MTV is the Apollo 11 moon landing. In 1984, MTV created the VMAs and the award they gave out is the Moonman statuette and to this day, this is the statuette that is given to musicians. The first music video that was shown on MTV was The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” and the second video was by Pat Benatar called “You Better Run”.

MTV played a huge part in the music industry because it gave fans the chance to watch their favorite musicians on TV. Before MTV existed people had to purchase tickets to see their favorite singer perform live, listen to them on the radio, read magazine article about them, but MTV brought a huge change in how singer are introduced. MTV changed popular culture, music videos began to change from simplistic videos, to videos with more effects and higher quality. Music videos were considered the best way for musicians to promote their work and increase their fan-base. However, in mid-2000s MTV started to introduce reality TV shows and this was interesting for fans, because they got the chance to see how these musicians live their daily lives. Slowly throughout the years reality TV started to take over MTV and it is reported that only 4 hours of music videos are being played.

This is unfortunate because MTV turned into channels such as TLC, channel E and others. In my opinion MTV won’t go back to playing music videos twenty-four hours per day because at this point reality TV had become dominant in the world of television. Even though, MTV stands for “Music Television” it has lost this meaning. Nowadays, VEVO has become popular and known for providing music videos and anything related to music i.e. interviews with musicians and uploading live performances. However, it is a positive aspect that we still have a music provider that allows fans to keep up with daily music.

Unfortunately, people who have grown up with MTV will not be able to enjoy watching music videos all day long. However, in the world of television “Music Television” had become extinct.

Let me know in the comments box below what you think about this issue.

See you soon!


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