Music Monday! Week 18.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday, today I want to share with you a brand new musician I discovered at a festival in my city. The name of the musician is Eugene Draw, but his stage name is Dr. Draw. He is a Canadian electric violinist who performs with his band that consists of a guitarist, electronic keyboardist, an electric harpist, an electric cellist, a rock bassist and a drummer.

I was mesmerized by his music, I have never heard such music and I was absolutely blown away. I loved it so much, I actually purchased one of their CDs, I got his autograph and picture taken with him. He is a kind person and it really shows he is passionate about music, his energy on the stage was amazing. The music he performs makes you feel energetic and puts you in a dancing mood. He is known to perform abroad in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Shanghai. At one of his performances in Shanghai during the World Expo, he was asked to represent Canada. Such an honor and I can see why he was picked because he has an amazing talent. I am so glad I met him in person and I got his autograph. The music video I will post is of a song Dr. Draw performed at the festival and the very first song I heard by him.

File:Dr Draw.jpg
His amazing energy can be seen in this performance.
My autographed CD by Dr. Draw aka Eugene Draw.
My autographed CD by Dr. Draw aka Eugene Draw.

Enjoy everyone and I hope all of you enjoy his music as much as I did 🙂

See you soon!


Remember when I did a 90s week countdown of the top 10 music videos and albums of the 90s? Well get ready because next week will be, wait for it…….DISCO WEEK!!! That’s right, get ready to dance, dance and dance. Look forward to it everyone 🙂


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