Technology is Changing the Music Industry! (Pros and Cons).

Hello everyone,

We are living in the Digital Age and technology continues to play a huge role in the way society functions.There is no doubt that in recent years, the music industry has been highly influenced by the use of technology. Years ago if people were told that technology will play such vital role in the music industry, people would have been thrilled. However, the use of technology in the music industry has its pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against technology in any way, but I think it is overused. Today I will be discussing the pros and cons and why technology is not entirely a positive factor.

By all means, technology is not 100% a negative aspect, in fact thanks to technology communication around the world is now possible. Fans interact with each other and musicians can update their fans via social media about upcoming projects. In addition, musicians have the choice of giving their fans a sneak peak of an upcoming single. Technology also allows fans to find new music from artists that are not mainstream, an example of such websites are Soundcloud and Napster. Furthermore, Tumblr also gives musicians who are not well known, the opportunity to promote their music. I have discovered sooooo many artists thanks to these websites and I intend to continue the search of more amazing artists to listen to. In addition, YouTube has given many musicians the opportunity to post their work and record song covers. For instance, Justin Bieber began posting on Youtube, later on he was discovered and now he is a megastar. The power of technology is incredible and it is a great outlet for aspiring musicians to become more noticed.

Technology allows people to become more creative with the production of their music videos. Special effects can be added to the music video to make it more eye catching and unique. Technology brings creativity to a whole another level and I am very pleased with this particular development in the music industry.

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Music devices changed profoundly in the 21st Century.

Despite the positive aspects of technology, technology can also have negative aspects as well. A negative aspect of technology is that upcoming songs and albums can be leaked on the internet before the actual release date. People will try to hack the musician’s profile, account or in worst case scenario, their personal computer. Examples of such a occurrence is when a Leona Lewis track leaked from her forthcoming album, Miley Cyrus’s song “23” from her new album leaked recently on the internet and Katy Perry’s hit single “Roar”. This is a problem because the mystery and anticipation to hear a new song or album is diminishing. People are so eager to hear the work of their favorite musician, that they try to get their hands on their work sooner. This is something that should not be happening and it is an illegal activity.

Another negative aspect of technology in the music world is the overuse of audio special effects. Auto tune is used majorly in music nowadays, some people find it unique, while others do not. Auto tune is starting to be used as a way to disguise the fact that a certain musician does not have great vocal abilities. While other musicians use these effects these effects so much because they think it adds something special to a track. In electronic music, I can understand the use of these audio effects, however regular pop artists should not rely on it immensely.  As a matter of fact, I think that this part of technology is overused and it is not necessary to render the voice of musician. As harsh as this may sound, if you have a talent, work hard to make your dream career a reality, but if you do not then you might have to do some soul searching and consider other careers you might be passionate about.

Technology allows people to buy music online, however now that technology has become so advanced some people choose not buy music. Instead, they use YouTube video to mp3 converters to download the songs they want. This is not beneficial for musicians because they lose profit. In worse case scenarios, some people download music illegally, rather than buying an album or a single. I buy music from iTunes, but to be completely honest, I do miss the experience and excitement of going to the store and buying a much anticipated CD by my favorite singer. I might have to make a trip to HMV and buy a few CDs.

Technology has created a profound change in music, from connecting artists and fans together, to sharing their work via social media. There is no doubt that the overuse of audio effects and leaking the artist’s work is a problem. However, as I stated at the beginning of this post, I am not saying technology is a bad thing, but I am suggesting to use technology wisely to benefit the music industry.

I am very interested to read some of your thoughts about this matter, feel free to comment below and I hope you enjoyed my post.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Technology is Changing the Music Industry! (Pros and Cons).

  1. I only read your cons because i am doing a speech about the cons of technology and this is amazing (don’t worry i didn’t copy and paste it), Lovely work xx

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