Friday Funday! Divervent Trilogy: “Allegiant” Book Review – CAUTION (SPOILERS)

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday, today’s post is for all the book lovers out there and the book I will be reviewing is “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth. “Allegiant” is part of the new highly popular book trilogy “Divergent”.

I discovered the book series last Spring, when I was trying to find a book series similar to the Hunger Games. I was instantly addicted to the “Divergent” series because I read the first two books in two days. I would literally stay up until 4am reading the books, I simply could not put them down. The second book “Insugent” ended with a huge cliff hanger and I had to wait for the third book since May 2012. I was thrilled to see the book at Indigo last month, I read the book in a week and it left me feeling emotional. The ending was unexpected, so I definitely was not prepared for what was to come.

I will begin my book review now, but before I start, please do NOT read this post if you have not read the book. This will be a post will be full of spoilers and I will be revealing the big ending of the book. If you have not read it and do not want it to be spoiled for you, please do not read any further. For those of you who have read the book, you may proceed and read the review.


“Allegiant” is the third installment of the dystopian trilogy, “Divergent” written by Veronica Roth. The story takes place in dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into four factions: Abnegation (the selfless); Amity (the peacemakers); Candor (the honest); Dauntless (the brave); and Erudite (the intelligent). On a specific day of the year, sixteen year olds have to take an aptitude test, which will determine if they are compatible with another faction. After they receive their results, they must decide whether to stay with their faction or abandon it for another one. In most cases, when the choice is made to leave a faction, the people of that faction consider it betrayal and there is no going back. The main character of the book is Beatrice Prior (Tris), who is born in the Abnegation faction, when she takes the test she find out that she is a Divergent. Meaning, she is compatible with more than one faction and it is very important to keep it a secret because Divergents are in danger of being executed. On the day of the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice decided to pick Dauntless and that is when her difficult journey begins.

“Allegiant” picks up right from where “Insurgent” left us and that was finding out that the city of Chicago is actually put under an experiment to see if society will function better with factions. It is also revealed that Divergents are not a threat and there is no need to kill them, instead there are considered to be genetically pure individuals who can bring balance to society. Tobias’s mother is not interested in finding out what is beyond the fence, so she decides that everyone will live as factionless. Drastic changes occurred after finding out the truth, faction colors did not exist anymore, Dauntless were disarmed and traitors who worked with Jeaninne Matthews were sentenced to death. However, Tori and Cara form the Allegiant group, a rebellion group who wants to leave the city and discover the outside world. Yet again, Tris has to make a decision about what to do. In the end, she decides to leave with Tobias, Cara, Tori, Christina, Uriah, Peter and Caleb. Despite Caleb’s betrayal, even though she still feels bitter about him working Jeannine Matthews, Tris asks Tobias to save Caleb from his scheduled execution.

This final book of the “Divergent” series is full of plot-twists and many revelations, it had me sitting at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. However, I felt like the story was rushed as soon as everyone reached the outside world, the explanations of the different serums, political issues and science were very lengthily. However, I did enjoy the development of the characters, I felt like I knew them well. The book definitely kept me guessing what will happen next and what surprised me the most if finding out Tris’s mother is actually from the outside world. I also enjoyed the part of the book where Tris got the opportunity to find out more about her mother’s past.

My favorite part of the book was the Allegiant group escape, it was suspenseful. I also enjoyed the part where everyone finally begins to explore the outside world and they realize there is a lot more out there. At that part of the book, I felt like I was on a journey with the characters. In my opinion, this part was written well and I also enjoyed Veronica’s choice to have two POVs. We already know what Tris is thinking, so it was interesting to get glimpse of Tobias’s mind.

Now getting to the ending of the book which was probably one of the most tense moments for me. When Tris decided to take Caleb’s place and go into the lab to steal the death serum, this is when I started to have a bad feeling. The moment Tris managed to steal the death serum, I truly thought she would survive, but when she got shot and died, I was speechless. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disappointed and upset with an author before, the ending was a utter shock for me. It took me a few days to make my peace with the ending, but I finally did. Although, I would have liked to see Tris alive, to a certain extent I understand Roth’s point. This story is about making the right choices, being brave and selfless. All of these aspects were shown throughout the book, Tris decided to be selfless and brave by sacrificing herself, Evelyn choosing her son over power and Tobias accepting responsibility for Uriah’s death without making excuses about his involvement in the explosion. The end of the book shows Tobias two years after Tris’s death, trying to move on and heal with the help of the people who are close to him. The biggest lesson in the final book is that life can damage people, but we can get back on our feet and be healed.

Overall I enjoyed the book, I thought it was a well written book and many aspects were explained well, however I would’ve liked less serum and science talk. I still dislike the ending of the book, but I admire Veronica Roth’s risk to write such an ending.

Now I will end this book review post with the official “Divergent” trailer. If you have read the book, let me know what you liked and disliked about it and if you enjoyed this post let me know if you want to see more book reviews.

See you soon!




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