Music Monday! Week 31.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday! I love discovering new music and last week I discovered a little gem on YouTube. The artist I discovered is 23 year old British singer/songwriter, Tom Odell, he released his official studio debut album on June 24, 2013, named “Long Way Down”. In 2013, Odell won the Brits Critics’ Choice Award! The genre of music Odell sings is indie pop and his vocal work is very similar to David Bowie. Funny enough, one of Tom’s inspirations is David Bowie, along with Elton John, Bob Dylan and many other legendary musicians. In my opinion, Tom Odell’s vocals uses the vocal vibrato technique, his voice is very calming and low, but he can hit those high notes when he wants to. In addition, his voice is very controlled, I really enjoy listening to his songs so far.

The song I will share today is “I Know”, the song is about a breakup and trying to forget the person who was once so close to you. The music video is mysterious, showing Tom walking through the dark woods and then stumbling upon a girl with no face, who eventually disappears in the darkness. To me this symbolizes, finally letting go of that person who you hold on to for so long.

Enjoy and let me know what you think about the video in the comments box below! I hope everyone is having a great and positive start to the week.

See you soon!


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