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Hello everyone,

Ms. Spears is back with a brand new album and brand new singles, the single I will be sharing today is “Perfume”. The track was released on November 4, 2013 and the official music video was released on December 10, 2013. I am pleasantly surprised by Britney’s vocal work on this track, it resembled her vocals from her very first album “Baby One More Time”. Some people have stated that she is using auto tune, however I disagree with these statements. For me it is very easy to recognize auto tuned vocals and auto tune has no place in this song. Britney’s voice seems deeper and more controlled, not her usual high pitched voice.

This song was co-written with Sia Furler, it is a great ballad about feeling vulnerable and insecure in a relationship. There is also a reference to jealousy and being insecure whether you are in a honest relationship. I haven’t heard such an emotional and meaningful song by Britney in a long time. Ms. Spears has proven once again why she is the Queen of Pop.

Enjoy 🙂

See you soon!