Lifestyle Sunday! An Icy Christmas.

Hello everyone,

As you can tell from the title of this post, today I’ll be talking about the ice storm that happened in my city. I hope you enjoy my story and let me know if you had such an experience.

It all began Saturday night whilst I and my mother were getting ready to see the Nutcracker ballet (by the way the show was great). I was wearing heels and as I walked out of my building, I was close to falling many times. The ground seemed more slippery than usual, but I thought to myself that by tomorrow it will be fine. Later on that evening when I got home I got a text from my cousin telling me he had no power. At that time I still had my power in my home, so I thought I got very lucky. On Sunday morning I woke up to the sight of the trees covered in ice. I have never seen such a unique and beautiful sight. It literally seemed like something I would see from a Fantasy book or movie. My Sunday was very relaxing, wrapping gifts, working on blog posts and many other things. Around 7 o’clock I went to the kitchen to make myself dinner, whist making it the power suddenly went out. I was very disappointed, but I decided to wait until Monday because I thought the power will come back the next day. Well I couldn’t more wrong about that!

On Monday I went to downtown to run some errands, after I was done I decided to go to Starbucks and charge my phone. I stayed at Starbucks for two hours, it wasn’t pleasant, but thankfully the shop wasn’t packed with people. After my phone charged, I finally left noticing every outlet in the mall was used by people to charge their phones. It’s funny how depended we have become on our technological devices. If this happened in 90s, we would read near a candle light and chat with people in our home. This is actually what I decided to do for the rest of Monday evening.

The heat in the apartment was alright on Monday night, however on Tuesday morning it was freezing. In the afternoon, me and my family went to my aunt’s place for Christmas Eve and slept over at her apartment. Later on that day, I was watching the news and it was stated that elderly people from my building were brought over to a nearby church, so they can be somewhere warm. The aftermath of the storm was distressing for some people, but I think it was especially hard for the elderly. Thankfully, the situation was taken into consideration and they took care of the vulnerable group of individuals.

On Christmas Day I woke up extra early, this is probably the only day when I’m willing to wake up so early in the morning. The gifts that I had for my aunt and her family were in my apartment, so I decided to go and get them. As I walked through the park I was hoping to see the power back in my building. The closer I got to my building, I began to see that the lights in front of my building were on. At that point, I began running with a huge smile on my face as I finally saw light inside the building. Therefore Christmas Day was great, I and my family went back home, it was still cold in the apartment, but we turned on the heaters. However, I still had to bundle up and wear three socks, I am not joking. We were fortunate enough to have our power back, but currently there are still people without power.

So what is the moral of the story? Always have these items in your home in case of a power outage: flashlight, candles (I didn’t have any and it was pretty dark), portable phone charger ( the ones that do not need an outlet, there are such for iPhone users, but I’m not sure about other phones) and most importantly a place where you can sleepover if the power is out for more than one or two days.

Now I want to share with you all some pictures I took of the icy trees, it is breathtaking. Enjoy 🙂






See you soon with the final blog posts for 2013!


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