“Britney Jean” Album Review.

Hello everyone,

I am very excited because this is my first album review ever, any constructive criticism and positive feedback will be highly appreciated.


Britney Spears is back with her self titled album “Brintey Jean” which is said to be her most personal album, but did it live up to our expectations? Let’s find out.

Miss Spears’s new album is seems like a sequel of her 2007 hit album “Blackout”, with a great mix of pop ballads and ectropop dance singles. As a pop artist she has matured and taken a turn towards more personal tracks about her relationships and the life of a pop star. For the first time in years, Britney Spears co-writes all of the tracks on her new album.

Despite the fact that it is stated this is her most personal album, I have to disagree with this statement. It is true she has some personal tracks such “Perfume”, “Alien” and “Don’t Cry”.  However, I was expecting to hear less upbeat songs like “Til It’s Gone” with a heavy emphasis on dance music and “Body Ache” with a trance/techno vibe. “It Should Be Easy” ft will.i.am is a track with a lot of auto-tune that has been added to Britney’s voice, which is to be expected by a will.i.am who likes to play around with electronic sounds. “Passager” has an eerie introduction, which progressively shifts to a funky/rock vibe . Britney’s vocals are great in this track, as she is hitting those high notes very well.

Speaking of Britney’s vocal work in this record, despite the negative criticism, Britney’s vocals in this album are the most impressive they have ever been. It is evident that she put 110% into this album and to make it as memorable as possible. Her songs “Perfume”, “Alien” and “Hold on tight” gives us a glimpse of her relationships and the lonely life of a pop star. Her track “Perfume” was the first ballad that I heard from this album and I was stunned when I heard her voice. In addition, it is one of her personal songs about feeling insecure in a relationship, which may be a reference to her past relationship with Jason Trawick. Her track “Alien” takes another direction as we listen to how lonely Britney can feel when she is in the public eye “I tried but I never figured it out, Why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd.”

Moving on from the ballads from this album, Britney’s song with younger sister Jamie Lynn, Chillin With You” is like a blast from the past of Britney’s old school pop songs with a funky chorus. Finally, her main track from the album, “Work B**ch” represents Britney’s strong work ethic and accomplishing anything has to be done with hard work. I couldn’t agree more with this, Britney manages to get that message across in true Britney fashion.

Overall the album is good, neither bad nor good, but I would have to say average. The reason why I make this statement is because I had higher expectations, but I love her songs and how much she has grown as a musician in past couple of years.

I give this album 3/5.

Let me know what song is your favorite from her new album.



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