56th Annual Grammy Awards Review!

“Music has the ability to bring people together like nothing else” LL Cool J at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

I couldn’t agree more with what LL Cool J said during his opening monologue. Music is a universal language and love how people are brought together.

Before I begin with the actual 56th Annual Grammy Awards review, I want to go over my Grammy winner predictions that I posted this weekend.
I chose 23 categories and out of these 22 categories I got 10 right. This year it was challenging for me to come up with my predictions because there were so many amazing artists that were nominated. For some of the categories I changed my initial choice, which I wish I didn’t do because my initial guesses were right! I guess I learned my lesson to trust my gut instinct and not second guess next years predictions.

Now on to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards highlights!

This years Grammys marked the second largest audience in 21 years. I was hoping this years show would be different and I wasn’t disappointed. The show had amazing legendary singers on stage and new legends in the making. The Grammys started on a great note, however the last half an hour of the show felt dull, there wasn’t much to look forward to. However, most of the show was exciting and it made smile, cry and say “What on Earth”.

So let’s go over the top moments of this years Grammys!

1. Mr and Mrs. Carter show the audience how it’s done! The married couple opened the Grammys together and let me tell you, those two are so “Drunk In Love”. This is not Beyonce’s typical dynamic performance, but I like the change and intimate performance. When Queen Bee and Jay Z were on stage, it was as if there was no one there but them. They a power couple for sure!

2. It was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s night, snatching 3 Grammy awards, this duo showed people that dreams do come true. The Seattle duo recorded their album, “The Heist” without the support of a record label, hats off to their amazing accomplishment.

3. Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons were a powerful performance of the night, a rapper and a rock band coming together was the best collaboration. Kedrick’s infectious energy on stage made me dance in my living room and rocking out to Imagine Dragons hit single “Radioactive”. This was definitely my favorite performance of the night!

4. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J brought to us a dark fantastical performance of her single “Dark Horse”, the stage effects and background visuals were eye catchy. This performance lands the number 2 spot as one of the most exciting performances of the night.

5. It wasn’t only Macklemore and Daft Punk’s night, newcomer Lorde took home two Grammy awards. This 17 year old New Zealand star, impressed everyone with her new hit single “Royals”, her dancing need a little bit of work though. Then again we need an artist that’s a little bit awkward, so we can relate to another interesting and unique musician.

6. Daft Punk or as Pharrell refers to them, “the robots”, made an epic comeback last year with their new album “Random Access Memories”. The electronic music duo performed a medley of their songs “Get Lucky”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, along with the legendary Stevie Wonder, performing “Another Star”. Seeing Daft Punk, Pharrell and Stevie Wonder on stage was pretty cool.

7. Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr joined the stage performing “Queenie Eye”, it was such a great moment of the night to see them together again.

8. Hunter Hayes is given a spot on the highlights list because his performance moved me to tears. He debuted his new single “Invisible”, the lyrics are incredibly moving and recommend everyone to go and listen to the song.

9. Taylor Swift gave it her all in her head banging (literally) performance of her song “All Too Well”. Oh and let’s not forget her rocking out to different performances throughout the night, I think she had more fun than everyone else.

10. A cute moment of the night was when Jay Z when during his speech he said “I wanna tell [daughter] Blue [Ivy], ‘Look, Daddy got a gold sippy cup for you!’ Awww, best dad ever!

11. Pink delivers yet again another acrobatic performance of her song “Try”, the fit mom shows us how strong she is and showcases her amazing vocals. On the side note, it felt like a flashback of her 2010 Grammy performance, time for something different.

12. Saving the best for last is the moment that probably made Grammy history, forever! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Madonna and Mary Lambert collaborated together performing “Same Love” as marriage equality anthem, while Queen Latifah officiated 33 wedding. It was an amazing sight, congratulations to all of the couples.

Overall, the show is very entertaining, despite the fact that it got a bit dull towards the end, but hey at least it wasn’t the whole show. Congratulations to all of the winners, I am already looking forward to next years Grammy Awards!

Stay tuned for my Music Monday post which is coming up next!

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