Music Monday! Week 42.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another Music Monday, I hope everyone is having a good one so far. Well, I am very excited because I can finally share with you Katy Perry’s new music video, “Dark Horse”.

Sales of the single sky rocketed ever since Katy Perry’s performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Two weeks ago, the promotional poster for the single was released, on it Katy transformed into Cleopatra. It seemed very intriguing and this weekend I finally got the chance to watch it. My thoughts on it? It was alright. According to Katy Perry, the idea for this video was to combine elements of Ancient Egypt and Memphis (an ode to Juicy J’s hometown), where Katy plays the protagonist, Katy Patra (her outer ego). Throughout the video, Katy Perry shows different fashion looks, all unique and interesting. In the video, she has suitors coming to her, giving her gifts like a diamonds, hot Cheetos (that’s when the “what on earth” came to mind). With the first suitor, she turns him into sand, takes his jewels which wears as a grill on her teeth. The second suitor, brings her the hot Cheetos and candy, after eating one of the Cheetos, which burns her mouth, she turns the suitor into water which she drinks. Afterwards, rapper Juicy J makes an appearance, while Patra continues to collect gifts and at the end of the video she turns the final suitor into a dog with a human head.

I’ll just let that sink in for a bit, while I share some screenshots from the music video.

First of all, the visuals, costumes and creativity were well done, however, I was expecting more from this music video. My first reaction when I watched the first 15 seconds of the video were “Wow amazing visuals”, progressively it turned into, “What on Earth?” Whenever I listen to a song before the music video is released, I always imagine the music video based on the lyrics of the song. For “Dark Horse”, I expected the music video to have a vibe like the “Underworld The Rise of Lycans” movie, basically a serious music video. Katy Perry’s version of it seemed a bit more comedic to me, I am always willing to give a song and a music video a second chance, but when it comes to this music video, I am not a big fan. On the other hand, Katy has been getting a lot of hate from people because of the Illuminati reference, there are online petitioners who are asking YouTube to take down the video. In all honesty, I do not think it was Katy’s intention to offend anyone, she is merely trying to create something different and interesting, but it got blown out of proportion.

Let’s just say that it isn’t the most amazing video, but it isn’t that bad either. What does everyone else think? Please share your opinions in the comments box below and remember, each opinion should respected and not insulted.

Enjoy 🙂

See you soon!


Friday Funday! Would You Rather Tag.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday, today I have another tag questions post and it is the “Would You Rather Tag”. I thought it would be fun to do this one, I hope you enjoy it and I tag everyone of followers to do this tag too (if you want to of course) 🙂

Let’s get started!

Would you rather always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested?

Getting enough sleep is essential for me, so I am going to choose to always take a cold shower.

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?

Another tough one, but I can’t stand not talking, so I rather say everything that is on my mind.

Would you rather always lose or never play?

I like to have fun, so I rather always lose then never play at all.

Would you rather always wear earmuffs or a nose plug?

I think I’ll go with earmuffs, they are warm and fuzzy. I’ll skip the nose plug, it doesn’t sound appealing.

Would you rather always win pie-eating contests or always win wheelbarrow races?

Hahaha, these questions are funny. I think I’m going to choose to always win pie eating contests, I like pie so why not 🙂

Would you rather be a deep sea diver or an astronaut?

Well I’m terrified of large bodies of water, so I’m going to choose an astronaut. It’ll be cool to explore outer space.

Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy?

I rather be a cat named Fluffy, it sounds cuter and less terrifying.

Would you rather be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino?

I am not a fan of anything from the mice species, so I’m choosing a tiny rhino.

Would you rather be a tree or live in a tree?

I rather live in a tree, I’ll be one with nature lol. I’ll think of it as a tree house…well kind of.

Would you rather be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

I’ll choose to take back anything you say, I am sure most of us say things we don’t mean when we are annoyed, nothing terrible, but taking it back would be nice.

Would you rather be able to read everyone’s mind all the time or always know their future?

I wouldn’t want to know what people are thinking, so I’m choosing to always know their future. That way I can warn them about things they need to be cautious about.

Would you rather be able to stop time or fly?

Fly like a birddddd, does anyone remember that Nelly Furtado song? Who wouldn’t want to fly, I would love it if I could lol.

Would you rather be an unknown minor league basketball player or a famous professional badminton star?

I rather be a famous professional badminton star, just because I suck at playing basketball, even though it’s my favorite sport.

Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Weird, I’ll just go with neither lol.

Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?

This is a dilemma because I don’t want to be forgotten, but being hatefully remembered is not nice. I think rather be forgotten, I don’t want to be remembered hatefully.

Would you rather be go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?

Uh yeah, I wouldn’t want to be naked for a day, I’m choosing to fall asleep for a year.

Would you rather be happy for 8hrs/day and poor or sad for 8hr/day and rich?

Happiness is everything, I wouldn’t want to be unhappy, so I choose happy for 8hrs/day and poor.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

I think we all wanted to be invisible at one point or another when something embarrassing has happened to us. For example, I was in my first year of university and by accident I spilled coffee everywhere in the classroom. It was so embarrassing because everyone were staring at me, at that moment invisibility would’ve come in handy. As for reading minds, I am not interested in that at all.

Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?

I rather be alone, I wouldn’t want to be with someone that I hate. That would make my stay at the island even worse. By the way this question reminded me of the movie Life of Pi, it is an amazing movie.

Would you rather be the most popular or the smartest person you know?

I rather be the smartest person you know, popularity is not everything.

Would you rather eat a bar of soap or drink a bottle of dishwashing liquid?

None of these options sound appealing, but I will choose a bar of soap. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones?

Gross. I rather eat a handful of hair, I’ll wash it down with some water. Ok, I’m starting to get grossed out, moving on guys lol.

Would you rather eat a stick of butter or a gallon of ice cream?

A gallon of ice cream of course, the more ice cream the better 🙂

Would you rather eat a stick of margarine or five tablespoons of hot pepper sauce?

I rather eat five tablespoons of hot pepper sauce because I love spicy food, I put Tabasco sauce on everything.

Would you rather eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees?

Neither, I know I’m supposed to choose one, but I can’t lol.

Would you rather end hunger or hatred?

These two things are both very important societal issues, but I hate how there is hatred around the world, so I want to end hatred. Then when hatred is gone, people can join hands to do something about world hunger. If only it was that simple.

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?

I rather find true love, these 10 million dollars will be spend, but that one person is always going to be there for you. Haha I know, I’m mushy gushy.

Would you rather forget who you were or who everyone else was?

That’s horrible, I don’t even know what to pick, so I’m not going to pick.

Would you rather get caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush?

I rather get caught singing in the mirror, it is not that embarrassing, for me at least.

Would you rather get even or get over it?

I rather get over it, there is no point in holding on to negative feelings.

Would you rather give bad advice or take bad advice?

I rather take a bad advice, I’ll just learn from the mistake and consider it a life lesson. I wouldn’t want to give someone a bad advice, that’s not nice.

Would you rather give up your computer or your pet?

I don’t have a pet, but I would give up my computer. I’ll still have my iPhone to keep up with my blog and other social media (I know I am a bit addicted :S).

Would you rather go to an amusement park or to a family reunion?

As much as I love seeing my family, I rather go to an amusement park. I have a very small family, so I can always Skype them.

Would you rather go without television or junk food for the rest of your life?

I rather go without junk food for the rest of life, I already stopped eating junk food because I want to eat healthy, so giving it up is not that hard.

Would you rather have a beautiful house and ugly car or an ugly house and beautiful car?

I rather have a beautiful house and ugly car, I’m not a big car person so I wouldn’t care what kind of car I’m driving.

Would you rather have a kangaroo or koala as your pet?

Koala hands down, they are adorable.

Would you rather have a missing finger or have an extra toe?

I rather have an extra toe, I got a bad cut on one of my fingers two months ago and it had to be bandaged and it was hard to wash my hair and use other stuff around the house and especially at work. So having a finger missing (or in my case not being able to use it) does make a difference.

Would you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?

I am not a very patient person, so I don’t think I can wait for 10 years. I rather have one wish granted today.

Would you rather know it all or have it all?

I rather know it all because I love learning new things every day, having it all does not measure happiness.

Would you rather live without music or live without T.V.?

I rather live without TV, a world without music is not right.

Would you rather make headlines for saving somebody’s life or winning a nobel prize?

I rather make headlines for saving somebody’s life.

Would you rather meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space?

I rather meet an alien visitor, haha.

Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

I rather never watch TV again, I already don’t watch a lot of TV because everything I want to watch is online or on YouTube.

Would you rather not be able to use your phone or your e-mail?

I rather not be able to use my e-mail, I already don’t use it a lot to communicate with people.

Would you rather own a ski lodge or a surf camp?

I’m going to go with my gut feeling and pick a ski lodge. I love ski lodges, they bring me such peace and they are so cozy. 

Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t like this at all lol, but I rather make a movie of my most embarrassing moment. All of those moments are always of me falling in an embarrassing way, plus it’ll be a comedy movie, so I’ll make the best of it.

Would you rather spend the day surfing the internet or the ocean?

This one is easy, I rather surf the ocean, but I first I need to learn how to surf lol.

Haha, I laughed a lot while typing the answers for some of the questions, there are many that I found online, so I might do a “Would You Rather Tag, Part 2” blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post and it made you smile, feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments box below.

See you soon 🙂

Music Monday! Week 41.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday, I have a question for you, are you happy today? I hope the answer to this question is “yes”, if not, then I have the perfect song to put a smile on your faces. The song I’m talking about is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and let me tell you, I was filled with joy and happiness when I listened to it.

The song is from “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack and this song will be included on Pharrell’s upcoming album in 2014 (I can’t wait for it). What’s cool about this song is that has launched an actual 24 hour music video representation of “Happy”. That’s a whole lot of happy for one day and I am glad to see something so unique happening. Honestly, I would play this day all day long and I’ve been replaying the song for days. The music video show Pharrell singing and dancing, there are also appearances of people dancing and miming along. The song is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

I will post the 4 minute version and one of the longer versions of the song as well, I hope you enjoy it and you smile while you watch the music video and listen to the song 🙂

See you on Friday 🙂

Friday Funday! DIY Earring Organizer & Makeup Brush Holder.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to another Friday Funday blog post, today’s post is for all of my girly followers and it is my first ever DIY project. I don’t know about you guys, but finding a way to organize my earring studs is not fun. I went to many stores trying to find the best earrings organizer, but nothing was to my liking. That’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own jewelry box and since I was on a roll, I decided to make a makeup brush holder too.

I initially got this idea from good old Google, Google to the rescue, right? There were many DIYs, but one in particular caught my eye and I decided to modify some things, so it suits me. So let’s get started and I’ll explain each step thoroughly.

DIY Earring Studs Organizer

The materials you will need for your jewelry box can be found in the Dollar Store, Walmart or Target, but I bought all of my materials from the Dollar Store.


First you’ll need a plain wooden box, the reason why you need a plain one is so that you can design it to your liking. The look I chose is inspired by the bohemian/hippie style!


Next you’ll need acrylic paint, the colors I chose are black, silver and blue, but of course you can choose any colors you want.


Next you’ll need paint brushes, try to find ones that come in different sizes.


Now begin painting the entire box, the top, bottom, front, back and the sides, I decided to paint mine my favorite color, blue.



Now it’s totally up to you, but if you wish you can pain the metal edges. Mine were originally gold, but I decided to paint them silver.


Open up the box and being painting the interior, I decided to stick with blue and I painted the outer corners silver.


After waiting for a few hours for the paint to dry, draw a circle on top of the box to create the peace sign. You want to draw around circle, trying to paint a nice neat line.


When everything is done, your box will look something like this. Pretty cool, right? 🙂


We are not quite done yet, we still need to finish the jewelry box. Next you’ll need felt paper, I chose dark blue because it goes nicely with the color scheme of the box. The felt paper is very thick, so what you need to do is roll it up very tightly.


When you finish rolling it, use your hot glue gun and put glue on the edge of the felt paper and next press firmly, so that the rolls do not unroll.


The simply put the rolls inside, organize your earrings and you are done. See, that was super easy and quick to do and it was fun too. Now onto the other DIY project 🙂

Makeup Brush Holder

I am a huge lover of Bath and Body Works scented candles, but I’m always left with many glass jars. So I decided to turn one of them into a makeup brush holder, for that you will need a knife to take out the wax and liquid dish soap to wash the wax and sticky residue. With the knife, gently cut around the circle wax shape and then when the wax is loose, dump it out in the garbage bin. The next step is simply to wash the glass jar, now since this is a theme, this makeup brush holder will have a peace sign on it too.


You’ll need to cut out a paper circle, put a small peace of tape on the paper and then tape it inside the jar.


Next, try to find jewel stickers if you want some sparkle on your makeup brush holder. Simply trace around the circle cut out shape and place your stickers.


When that’s done, you are left with a fashionable and chic set.

I hope you enjoyed my very first DIY post, please share with me your recreations, I’ll be happy to see them 🙂 Now since I posted this Friday’s post late, sorry about that everyone, to make it up to you I will have a Friday Funday post next and the week after that. Friday Funday is an every other week segment, but I want to make it up to you next week for being late this week.

Let me know what you think of my DIY creations and if you plan to make your own 🙂

See you soon!

Music Monday! Week 40.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday, so you guys know I love listening to foreign music, I think that music has a universal language and if I like Dutch music, then I’ll listen to it. Speaking of Dutch, today I will share with you a song from a popular Dutch musician, Nanne Gronvall. The song I will share is “Hall Om Mig”, meaning “Hold On Me”.

Nanne Gronvall is a Swedish singer who began her career in the 1980s, part of a group called “Sound of Music”. The group made an appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest selections, also called Melodifestivalen. Both times she appeared, she landed on the number four spot. In 1996, she joined another band, “One More Time”, along with her husband. After the last album of “One More Time”, Nanne decided to begin her solo career. This is when Nanne appeared on the Melodifestival countless of times, failing and keep coming back with determination to succeed.

Her song “Hall Om Mig” was performed at the Melodifestival, the song became loved by the public and it debuted at number 1 on the Swedish Single Chart for eight consecutive weeks. The single sold more than 10, 000, I really enjoy this song and I hope all of you will as well.

I will share the live version and studio version, enjoy!


The Beatles, 50th Year Anniversary!

On February 9, 1964, four boys from Liverpool, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr changed the world of music forever.

They made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the group received ten Grammy Awards, an Academy Award for Best Original Score and fifteen Ivor Novello Awards. The Beatles are called the best selling band in United States, they are true legends!

Today I will share with you a short clip of their iconic performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, including “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude”.

Enjoy and see tomorrow with another Music Monday video!

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!


Happy Birthday to the King of Reggae! He is a true legend and his music will live on forever! He would’ve been 69 years old today.

Today it is also my birthday, it’s pretty cool to know I share a birthday with such a legend!

The song I will be sharing today is “Positive Vibrations”, it is one of my favorites.

Enjoy and see you soon!