J’adore Music 1 Year Blog Anniversary!



How exciting it is to know that I have been blogging here for 1 year and there have been so many wonderful people who have clicked on the follow button to read my posts. On March 29, 2013, I joined WordPress and my wonderful blogging journey began! It is so amazing and I am truly thankful, it inspires me to write more and more when I know all of you read my posts. I have never been the type to care about how many people follow me, as long as I have people who read my blog frequently, that is enough for me.

I became a blogger in 2010 on Blogspot, however I didn’t get a lot of web traffic. I had many things to write about, but there was no one to read it and I didn’t how to advertise my blog. I tried with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but it did not help. This is when one of my friends suggested WordPress and I decided to check it out. She told me about including tags on posts and in this way my posts will be easily found. When I first signed up I had to get used to the template and how to customize my blog, but it didn’t take me long because I am quite tech savvy. My first blog post here was “Passion For Blogging”, I published the post and I didn’t think I would get any views any time soon, but within a hour I got 19 likes. I was pleasantly surprised and I continued writing more posts, eventually I introduced my Music Monday segment. Music Monday is a weekly segment, where I post a music videos from any segment or decade. My second segment is Friday Funday, I decided to create this segment because it gives me the opportunity to write about other fun topics, besides music. Friday Funday posts are published every other Friday and my third segment is Lifestyle Sundays. I decided to create this segment because I wanted to write inspirational and motivational posts on my blog, this segment does not have a particular day when it is supposed to be published like Music Monday and Friday Funday.

I have many posts I am planning to write this year, but my biggest goal is to write more album review posts. My first one was about the “Britney Jean” album, as a blogger I want to improve my album writing posts, so I am reading and learning as much as I can.

I love having this blog and sharing my love for music with all of you, I am looking forward another amazing year of blogging. Thank you all for reading, liking and recommending my blog to others to read. Cheers!


p.s. I am working on a short thank you video for you all, I have figure out some things first though. It has been a while since I’ve used digital media and I am quite excited, I’ll try to have it done by Sunday.



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