Music Monday! Week 47.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday, today I will be sharing a more recent music video from the Divergent soundtrack. The music video I am going to share is “Beating Heart” by Elle Goulding. Later on this week, I will be writing a Divergent movie review and share with you my thoughts about the movie.

Alright, while I was watching the movie and this song started to play, I was immediately obsessed, I see myself hitting the replay button for weeks. Elle’s vocals are captivating throughout the song and for me it captures the mood of the first movie, perfectly. The music video is quite interesting as well, the music video begins with Elle sitting in a dark room where she drinks a serum and undergoes a simulation. I think idea of Elle pretending to be Tris in the music video is unique and interesting, I actually think it was a great idea because it is something different. Throughout the video, clips from the movie are shown as well as Elle walking around in a foggy forest. Towards the end of the video Elle reunited with a man, since Elle is pretending to be Tris, I assume the man is pretending to be  Tobias, they hug and then Elle wakes up again in the dark room.

I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the Divergent movie review post 🙂

See you soon!

p.s. On Friday I mentioned in my one year anniversary post that I am working on a special video project, however I have been having major technical difficulties. I am trying to figure it out, but it might take a while, please be patient and look forward to it. I promise to work as fast as I can 🙂


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