Kurt Cobain 20 Year Death Anniversary.

Hello everyone,

Sadly, 20 years ago we lost a great talent, Kurt Cobain, The Nirvana singer died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound aged 27. There has been a lot of controversy, as to how Cobain died, but it was finally ruled out that it was suicide. The singer reportedly suffered from depression, heroin addiction and he had difficulty coping with fame.

To commemorate Cobain’s passing, Mayor Bill Simpson stated that February 20th will be “Kurt Cobain Day” and a crying statue is going to be put up in his hometown, Aberdeen, Washington. In addition, on April 10th Nirvana will be honored with a spot on the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

The Kurt Cobain statue in Aberdeen sheds a sad concrete tearTo honor Kurt Cobain, I am going to share my favorite Nirvana song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.


4 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain 20 Year Death Anniversary.

      1. While on my way home from work yesterday I saw a girl wearing a Nirvana t-shirt. I would have passed by without thinking too much about it but I had read this post.

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