Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty, Music Video Review.

Hello everyone,

Avril Lavigne’s new music video “Hello Kitty”, has entertainment websites and magazines talking about her Japanese inspired music video. Since it has got so many people talking about it, I decided to contribute to the discussion and share my thoughts.

Let’s begin by talking about the music video, “Hello Kitty” was filmed in Tokyo, Japan and it features Avril and four expressionless Japanese backup dancers following her around the city. Throughout the video, it shows  Avril playing guitar, eating sushi, waving at fans, taking a single photograph, wearing a tutu covered with cupcakes, pink highlights in her hair and glasses. “Hello Kitty” is an electro-pop inspired single, which shifts away from Avril’s usual pop punk/alternative rock image.

Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty New Song Wallpaper

In all honesty, this song was not to my liking and I found myself stopping half way through the video multiple times. However, I had to go back and watch the music video, in order to write this review. Avril took a risk with this single, was it successful? The answer to that would be no. The song doesn’t have any meaning and the word that comes to mind is…pointless. I always give songs and music videos a second chance and every time I tried to listen to it, I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to stop it.

That being said, let me say by that Avril was not mocking Japan! Many entertainment journalists have written that Avril is ridiculing Japan, I personally think that this is not true. I believe Avril was genuine with her video, she was does like Japanese culture and believed this video will be liked. However, one thing she didn’t consider is that this is America, not Japan and something so eccentric will not be accepted so easily. In Japan, these kinds of videos are accepted more than here because fans are used to it. Let’s not forget Lady Gaga when she first came in the spotlight and everyone was talking about her bizarre fashion and music videos. Now imagine that in Japan, but having more artists who are that eccentric with their style and music. In my opinion, Avril was trying to depict Japanese culture, but Japan is not represented in the best light in her video. Avril addressed the issue on her Twitter page, saying this:









2 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty, Music Video Review.

  1. Good article. Add me to the list of those who did not think that the video was racist — just BAD. For someone who travels as much to Japan as she says, how could she get it so WRONG?

    1. Thank you! She has the wrong impression of Japan, this is a country with a rich history, traditions and culture. It’s sad that she thinks that Japan is nothing but kawaii and cutesy. If I was making a Japanese inspired music video it will not look like this.

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