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Oh my, PSY what happened? Let me first begin by saying that I am not trying to be hater, but I currently dislike this song. Who knows, maybe later on I’ll think it’s catchy because that’s what usually happens with PSY’s songs, but for now I don’t. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by PSY’s comeback, but instead I was very disappointed. My reactions throughout the entire music video was basically this:

I thought this picture from the Hangover 2  and hey it has the same name as the song, that was not intentional.

Anyway let’s back to PSY’s music video, I like PSY’s music but for this song and music video, I think he was trying to be funny? He is funny, but I’m pretty sure he is capable of more as a musician. My expectations after his last single,  “Gentlemen” was to make a comeback with a ballad. Yes a ballad, because I think he can do it but instead he wanted to create another “Gangnam Style” and “Gentlemen” type of music video. It was catchy and great at the time, but I think we had enough and I personally want to see what else he has to offer as a musician. PSY wants to be entertaining and understand that, but I (maybe some of you too) want to see him perform something different.

As for the song, I think it should be called “Hangover” by Snoop Dog, I don’t understand why PSY’s  name was featured when he didn’t sing at all. Yes he is in the music video, but I wanted to hear him sing. The music video features their crazy antics from wild karaoke, swimming naked in water fountains to skipping around carnivals. It funny, but I wouldn’t say it is a masterpiece.

What does everyone else think? Let me know in the comments box below.


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