International Wonderland! BoA – Masayume Chasing (Chasing A True Dream)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you a new music video that is released today by my favorite Korean pop star, BoA. I would’ve waited until Music Monday to share the song with you all, but I couldn’t wait until then because the song is too awesome to not share it right away. The song I’m talking about is “Masayume Chasing” AKA “Chasing A True Dream”. What a lovely song title, I really like it and the song makes me feel happy. It is one of those  songs that makes you smile no matter what mood you are in!

Anime fans also rejoiced because “Masayume Chasing” is 15th opening theme of the popular Japanese anime, FairyTail. “Masayume Chasing” seems like the perfect upbeat summer song, showing BoA and friends dancing and having fun. For those of you who want to read the English lyrics, read below:

As I chase my dream, I got lost deep in the forest of my heart.
Rather than mirrors, it’s the clear spring, that reflected a warped smile.

These tears that I have shed (Don’t Cry), gold or silver they won’t be.
Those commonly seen tears (Fall From My Eyes), goddess won’t even notice them.

True Dream Chasing, Chasing,
Surpassing the greatest I’ve ever been even more.
The instant Chasing Chasing,
That’s who I’ll become, a person I’ve described, the flame that burns in one’s heart!

Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na na na na Oh
The Hero who run past through that!

Na na na na na na na Oh
Na na na na na Hey Hey
Na na na na (Hey) na na na (Oh)
The flame that burns in one’s heart (My Life… Yeah)

Before I end this post, I want to let everyone know that I have decided to add a fourth segment to my blog called “International Wonderland”. Since I love listening to foreign music, I thought it would be appropriate and about time to add this segment. I hope  other international music lovers will enjoy this segment, music is music no matter if you can’t understand what the singer is singing about. Music has a universal language!

This lovely painting was done by Michael Tompsett, all credit goes to him. His pictures was only used as a banner for my new segment 🙂

Enjoy the song and let me know what you think about it 🙂

See you soon!


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