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Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

On this day five years ago, the media exploded with headlines that the King of Pop had passed away! I initially thought that this was some sort of a sick rumor because let’s face it, the media can come up some outrageous made up stories. However, when the news were confirmed, I felt very sad. I watched the news all day and listened to MJ music, he was one my musical inspirations and he will always continue to be a big inspiration. He is one of a kind with his God given talent to dance, sing, write and produce music. I’ve wondered if there will ever be another musician like MJ and I always say “no” to myself.

Michael Jackson left this world way too soon, leaving behind his loved ones and his fans! In honor of his memory, I want to share  two of my all time favorite MJ live performances, they are amazing.


I must add that seeing two of my favorite musicians that idolize is pretty epic!!!

See you soon and stay tuned for my Friday Funday post!