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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my International Wonderland segment, just as promised I have another awesome J-pop music video to share with you all.

I have to thank Avex Trax for finding amazing musicians and sharing their amazing talent with fans, this week’s music find is definitely a catchy one. The song I’ll be sharing is “Trickster” by SKY-HI.

When Mitsuhiro Hidaka works solo he uses the name SKY-HI, originally Hidaka is a member of the popular J-pop band AAA (Attack All Around). His specialties are rapping, beat boxing and playing the drums, he never fails to impress me with his rapping abilities. His new song “Trickster” is unique because it is a mix of a jazz and rapping, who knew those two genres would go so well together. The song has a classy vibe with a little bit of an edge, plus the saxophone sound in this song is the cherry on top. I imagine myself dancing to this song at a club or a jazz club, I’m not even joking.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the English lyrics for this song, but if I manage to find them later on then I’ll add them to this post.

Enjoy and let me know if you liked the song!

See you soon!