Matsuri Toronto Japanese Summer Festival!

Hello everyone,

As most if you know by now, I am a huge Japan enthusiast. I watch Japanese dramas, listen to Japanese music, eat Japanese food and recently started taking Japanese classes. My first class was great and I’m looking forward to learn more and be able to speak it fluently.

Ok I got off track here for second, today I want to talk to you about my very first Japanese festival. I found out about it from BlogTO, on this blog you can find many posts about fun things to do in the city. On Saturday, I was casually scrolling down my homefeed on Facebook when I stumbled across their post. This is the second year of the Matsuri festival and I immediately jumped to the chance to see it.

They had live performances, fashion shows, great food and other fun activities. I even got the chance to wear a summer yukata (a summer kimono) and get my picture taken. Awesome, isn’t it? There was also a traditional Japanese Geisha and people were lining up to take pictures with her. Of course, I did the exact same thing as everyone else. There were many food vendors, Henna artists and graffiti artists. It really hot that day, but I still enjoyed the festival!

As most of you know, I created a YouTube channel last week. I took some video footage from the festival and I put together my first vlog. I was nervous because I am new to the vlogging world, so I didn’t get as much footage as I wanted. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the my first vlog!

P.S. The graphics and effects for my intro video were created by me with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. Also here are some photos from the festival.

Enjoy sunshines!


This is me wearing a summer yukata 🙂
Green tea ice cream!
My first Henna!



See you soon!

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