International Wonderland! Valya Balkanska – Izlel E Delio Haidutin.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to International Wonderland and just as I promised, today I’m bring you some variety and I will not be sharing a J-pop song.

I am going back to my roots with a traditional Bulgarian song by Valya Balkanska called “Izlel E Delio Haidutin”.

I wanted to share a traditional song from my country because it is unique and classic, compared to modern day Bulgarian music. I have always been amazed by the singer’s vocal ability, her voice is amazingly powerful. You have to listen to the song to understand what I mean! Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to translate the title in English because I do not know how to translate some of the words. The words used in the title are from a certain Bulgarian dialect that I do not speak, therefore I am useless when it comes to translating it! Sorry everyone 😦 However, I can tell you what “haidutin” means, a simple translation for it is someone who fought for peace against the Ottoman Empire! This single is a Rhodopean folk song that was released in the late 1960s and it was included on the golden record which was launched in space on the board Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft in 1977.

This song is very special in the history of Bulgarian music and I hope everyone likes it, next week I will share another Bulgarian song 🙂


Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!




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