Take Risks and Conquer: My Zip Lining Story!

Hello everyone,

I know I said won’t be writing any posts this week because I got the flu and a baaaad sinus infection, I literally couldn’t breathe through my nose and I lost my sense of taste for four days. Thankfully, my doctor gave me antibiotics at the beginning of the week and I finally feel alive again. Plus, I wanted to share with you a story of me embarking on a fun adventure, two weeks ago. I want to write this post because I want to inspire you to take risks, even if it seems really scary and intimidating.

So make sure you are comfortable, have a blanket with you, some tea and get all snugly and cozy because it is is story time 🙂


The Edge Walk!

I want to begin with a story that inspired me to write this post and it all began on August 23, 2014! As some of you know by now, I live in Toronto and one of Toronto’s popular tourist activity is the Edge Walk. The Edge Walk is walk on top of the CN Tower and you get to be 168 ft above the ground, participants go on a 20-30 minute walk. That’s not all, the instructor will also ask you to lean off the edge, twice! First with your chest facing outwards and then with you back facing whatever is behind you. For someone who is afraid of heights, well this is your worst nightmare. I am one of those people, but lately I’ve been feeling adventurous and I’m in my 20s, therefore I want to do fun and exhilarating activities. You might think, “Ok, so you did the Edge Walk” and the answer to that is no! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, since I have a phobia of heights I am not quite ready for this big risk, yet. Instead, I decided to try out zip lining and I found out that there was zip lining at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Me and my friend talked about it and we agreed that if we go zip lining, then we are ready for the Edge Walk. Meaning, we have conquered our fear of heights!

Definitely the highlight of my summer 🙂

Well we arrived at the CNE  around noon and that’s early because people usually come later on in the late afternoon. It was kind of busy, but not as much and the weather was nice too. Me and my friend walked around for a bit and then we finally decided that it is time to go zip lining. My friend seemed a bit hesitant, I felt the same way but I wanted to finally do it. We payed, got inside and the person began helping us with putting on our gear and suddenly it all became very real. I was actually going through with it and that kind of scared me. I noticed that I began to feel anxious and when I feel anxious, my heart rate goes up, I begin to sweat and I breathe really fast. When all of our gear was secured and tightened on us, it was time to go up the stairs to the top. The tower was 12 stories high and as I was going up the stairs I began to tremble. I was afraid that I will chicken out and go back, there was even a lady who stood there with her boyfriend and she seemed to be have a slight panic attack. When I saw her I thought to myself “I can’t be all talk and no action, I need to do this and I will”. I told my friends and family that was going to do this and didn’t want to think that I was bluffing. When we got to the top I got more scared, we basically had to go down a small set of stairs and jump. When I looked at those stairs and imagined myself jumping I felt like I couldn’t do it. I asked the person who was helping me strap on the big clip to rope, if other people got scared like me. He replied, “Yes, all the time”, so I began walking down the stairs and I froze, it was as if I forgot how to walk. Thankfully the guy who was helping me out was very understanding and he encouraged me not be afraid, but I could also tell he has done this many times, so he gets sick of it. I stood there for a minute, looking back and forth, back and forth, contemplating what to do.

I looked back at my friend who was freaking out and a thought went through my mind, “If I’m always this afraid to take risks in life, then how am I supposed to move forward and accomplish things”? At that moment I looked forward and I jumped! I started screaming, but not because I was scared, I was actually having fun. I had my eyes open instead of closed shut and looked around enjoying the scenery. I was seizing the moment to the fullest and it felt absolutely incredible to do something I never thought I would do. When I got to the other side I couldn’t stop smiling and I wanted to do it again. I got an adrenaline rush, I felt invisible and I overcame 80% of my fear of heights. The fear that made me feel so scared that would have nightmares about it, now I feel like I can conquer anything I want.

The point of my story is that if we want to accomplish anything in life, we have to choose to free ourselves from the ‘fear prison’. Yes, I decided to call it that because that’s the only way I can think of describing it. That crippling fear is a huge barrier that stops us from chasing our dreams. Whether it is chasing that dream job, getting your first apartment or travelling to a new country. There are so many opportunities that are right under our noses and we choose not to take action because we are afraid. I am a victim of this ‘fear prison’ for years, back then I wish I had the courage to pursue my real goals, but I was too afraid. I will be lying if I said that I’m not afraid now, I am afraid, but my gut instinct is telling me to go for it. I am embarking on a journey where I am planning to change my career path and I also want to go teaching abroad for a few months. These are scary intimidating steps for me, but I need to get up and take action. I choose to not let fear make me feel scared of these new changes because I don’t want live my life with regrets. I am sure that some of you out there don’t want to live your life with regrets either. So it’s time to come of your shell and get started, we will be doing it together.

Good luck and please share with me one thing you want to accomplish in your life!

See you soon!




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