Baby One More Time 16th Year Anniversary.

It was 1998 and it was like any other day, I spend all morning playing at the park with my friends and then I went home. I used to watch A LOT of television then, I was really bored if I didn’t have my TV time. I decided to flip through the channels and then I suddenly stumbled on the “Baby One More Time Music” video. I couldn’t look away because the music video seemed really fun and entertaining to me. I mean who can forget that opening sequence where Britney sits at her desk and waits for the bell to ring. The song was stuck in my head and I couldn’t stop humming it all day long, sadly I didn’t know her name at the time. I kept trying to find out and shortly after that day, the media began talking about Britney Spears. From that day on, I began listening to her music and she became my music inspiration.

Britney shared the following with Chuck Taylor from Billboard about her hit single:

I had been in studio for about six months listening and recording material, but I hadn’t really heard a hit yet. When I started working with Max Martin in Sweden, he played the demo for ‘Baby One More Time’ for me, and I knew from the start it one was of those songs you want to hear again and again. It just felt really right. I went into the studio and did my own thing with it, trying to give it a little more attitude than the demo. In 10 days, I never even saw Sweden. We were so busy.


Now it is time to present my top 5 favorite “Baby One More Time” performances! Enjoy 🙂

5. Grammy Awards (2000)

4. The World Music Awards (1999).

3. Live From Hawaii.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about which year this performance was held, but enjoy!

2. The Today Show.

1. VMAs (1999).

This is short performance of her hit single, but it is one of my favorites! I love her energy here, you can tell she is giving it 100% of everything she’s got. Not to mention her amazing dance moves and good vocals.

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