International Wonderland! GD ft. Taeyang – Good Boy

Hello everyone,

Today is a good day, why you may ask? Well because the new G-Dragon and Taeyang music video was released. I am so addicted to this song, I’ve literally had it on replay all day. Many fans have been hoping that BIGBANG would make an official comeback, but this is what we get for now. According to recent news, BIGBANG are back in the studio working on their upcoming album. Not to worry, we know BIGBANG will come back like we’ve never seen them before, for now let’s enjoy this song.

One of my immediate thoughts when I heard the song is that it sounds very similar to “Turn Down For What” by Dj Snake ft. Lil Jon. However, this song has its own spin to it and it differs from “Turn Down For What” on many aspects. For instance, the music video for “Good Boy” shows many people coming together and partying. Basically a party at a nightclub! On the other hand, the music video for “Turn Down For What” is just…..weird, but let’s not discuss that today.

If I had describe “Good Boy” with one word, it would be…badass! I totally see myself jamming out to this song, it is incredibly catchy and it makes me feel energetic. This genre of music is called trap, it originated in 1990s and it is a combination of hip-hop, dubstep and dub (strong emphasis on repetitiveness throughout a song).  When I first heard the song I felt a bit turned off because it reminded of Lil Jon’s song and I personally dislike it. However, I gave “Good Boy” a second a chance and now I think it is so much better than “Turn Down for What”. It is catchier and more unique, the music video is fun to watch too and I think GD and Taeyang did a great job. If I had to summarize what is happening in the music video, it would be this: catchy dance choreography, neon lights and crazy partying. I am surprised to see that there are many people who hate the song and say that they are disappointed. I personally like it and I’ll be jamming out to it for a looooong time!

What do you think? Let me know and enjoy 🙂

See you soon!


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