Music Monday! Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday! It is Monday yet again, but don’t let that get you down because Music Monday is here to the rescue. Music always makes me smile, so I think that’s the same for other people.

Today I’ll be sharing Gwen Stefani’s new song, “Baby Don’t Lie”!

Guys, before I begin to talk about the song can I just point out how amazing is the cover for “Baby Don’t Lie” looks. The hair, makeup and imagery is on point, it kind of reminds of someone from the Capitol (Hunger Games reference). Don’t mind me guys, I went to watch Mockingjay Part 1 so I’m still thinking about it, haha. Now back to the song, when No Doubt made a comeback I was absolutely thrilled. I love No Doubt, but I also love Gwen’s solo work and I was hoping for her to make a solo comeback. When she did, I was taken off guard I didn’t think it would happen so soon after her No Doubt return.

“Baby Don’t Lie” is so catchy and fun to listen to, it differs from the usual mainstream music we hear nowadays. The pop music reminds me of her old work, basically it’s like breath of fresh air for the music industry. Nowadays, some musicians feel the need to rely on nudity and oversexualizing everything to make their music relevant or themselves.  If you have the talent, then there is no need for that. My immediate thought when I watched the music video was, “Omg she is actually wearing clothes, finally someone who knows their worth.” It’s true, I’m getting tired of all those overly sexualized music videos, the simplicity of music from the 80s and 90s is the best. Gwen brought that back with her music video, but with touch of technology. The video effects are not overwhelming for the viewers, they are just enough to make the video seem interesting. It almost has a retro vibe, all of the polka dots in the video add to that element too. Her deep vibrato voice sounds great in this song, I’ve always thought that her voice is unique.

Now it is time to sit back and enjoy 🙂

See you soon!


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