My Top 6 Moments of 2014!

Hello everyone,

Well I have written my end of year music post, but now I thought of sharing with you my Top 6 Moments of 2014. Just like any year, 2014 had its ups and downs because that’s how life works, but this time the happy moments prevailed.

So I thought of sharing my best moments with you all and in return I would like to hear about your favorite moments of 2014.

Let’s get started.

6. Attending the Circus Du Soleil: Kurios Show!

I’ve been dreaming for years to go and see the show because I love the circus. To me it is the most magical thing, so when my friend suggested to go I jumped to the chance to buy a ticket. To make this long story short, it was the best show I’ve been to in years and it really exceeded my expectations. I will be going to their future shows for sure 🙂

5. Going to my first Indian Wedding!

Going to my first Indian wedding was very exciting for me, but what was even more exciting was to wear my first saree. I knew exactly what I wanted when I went to the store, I got royal blue saree. I bought bangles and my friend lend me a beautiful necklace, the wedding was at a beautiful temple. Sadly, I couldn’t taste the food when I ate it because I had a horrible sinus infection. Nevertheless, it was great seeing my friend walk down the isle!


4. I went zip lining.

I used to have horrible phobia of heights, I still have a little bit of it but it’s not as strong as before. This experience was the most memorable for me because I actually fought my fear and I won. It inspired and showed me that when I stop being scared I can accomplish a lot more than I can imagine. Next year I’ll be trying the Edge Walk on the CN Tower, oh boy it’s going to be quite an adventure 🙂

Yup, I went down this zip-line and it was an incredible feeling.

3. Buying my Bridesmaid Dress.

My best friend is getting married in July 2015 and I will be part of her wedding, this will be my first time being a bridesmaid. It will be such an amazing and memorable day for me, there will be so many fun events to attend before the wedding day. I am so excited and I can’t wait to be a part of my friend’s special day!

2. Buying my first guitar.

The day I bought my guitar was the happiest day of my life, well of 2014 to be exact! I’ve been wanting to have one for ages and now I will work hard in 2015 to learn how to play it. I am ready to make my childhood dream a reality!


1. Being on TV.

What, you were on TV? Haha, I’m guessing that’s what you guys are thinking right now. It wasn’t for a long time, but I was shown on TV for ten seconds answering questions about the Winter Olympics. I was at the mall and there were reporters going up to people to ask them questions. The reporter came up to me and asked what I thought about the Olympics and which country’s costume seemed unique. They showed the clip where I talk about the the costume and I said that Germany’s costume seemed interesting. I’ve always wanted to be on TV when I was child and for me this was the most exciting thing from this year. There is a TV show here in Toronto called Pop Quiz, maybe I’ll audition and be on TV again 😉


I hope you guys had a great 2014, if you didn’t please remember to leave the bad stuff in 2014. Do not drag it with you in to 2015, start fresh with a positive state of mind. I wish you a healthy and happy 2015, make it a year to remember. I am excited for another amazing year with you all!.

Cheers to 2015!


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