Friday Funday! The Asian Obsession Tag.

Helloe evryone,

Welcome back to Friday Funday!

I have talked about  liking Japan and  Korean music a lot on my blog, so I am guessing that you guys think I have an Asian obsession. You might be right about that, so that’s why today I have chosen to answer the Asian Obsession Tag questions. If any of you had any questions for me as to why I love the Asian culture so much, all of your answers will be answered today. So sit back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy today’s post.

Let’s begin 🙂

1. What is your favorite drama ?

My favorite drama is Hana Yori Dango aka Boys Over Flowers. There are many versions of this drama, but I’ve personally watched the Japanese, Korean and Mandarin ones. I love each version of the story because they are unique in their own way and the story is presented differently in each version. The drama is about Makino Tsukushi who comes from a poor family, but goes to an elite school. Her family gives every last penny they have in order for Makino to get the best education. She hopes to get through her high school days quietly without attracting any attention to herself from her peers. One day her life is completely turned around when she runs into the F4. They are four boys that come from very rich families and in a way run the school. They do as they wish and the owners of the school do not say anything because they receive a lot of money from their parents. If you get on their bad side, the F4 put a red notice in people’s lockers and publicly humiliate the individual (usually by beating them up and etc). One day Makino’s friend Sakurako ends up being bullied by the leader of the group, Domyouji Tsukasa. Makino defends her friend, but Tsukasa is not thrilled about it and leaves a red notice in her locker. Long story short, he bullies her for a while, but after he starts developing feelings for her. You have to watch the drama to see why, but I love it and I highly recommend it to someone who wants to start watching Asian dramas.

Japanese version!
The Korean version!
The Chinese version and it is called “Meteor Garden”.

2. What was the first drama you ever watched ?

The first one I ever watched that made cry like a baby is Koizora (a Japanese drama)! It’s a sad love story about a boy (Hiro) who falls in love with a girl (Mika), but later on he finds out he is sick and he is dying. This drama, Titanic and The Fault In Our Stars are the only movies that made me cry like a baby, my face was literally wet with tears. I don’t know why I watch these sad movies, but I’m hopeless romantic and I’ll watch any love story.

3. What is your favorite movie ?

Shinobi Heart Under Blade, no doubt about it! I like it because it is more of a historic Asian movie and it is about ninjas, which I like. The movie is about two ninja clans, Iga and Koga who have fought for four hundred years. They are no ordinary ninja clans, they are ninjas that have supernatural powers! Gennosuke and Oboro are from one of those clans and they have fallen in love with each other, but they both had enough of the senseless feud and wants peace. However, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the ruler of Japan deliberately stirs up their feud and invites the clans to fight in a duel to the death. Kind of like the Hunger Games, but this is between powerful supernatural ninjas. It was a dramatic movie and I really enjoyed it!

4. What was the first movie you watched?

The first movie I watched is Bokura ga Ita, the first one and its sequel as well. The movies are based on the anime, but I’ve never watched it. It is romantic story about Nanami Takahashi who falls in love with Yano Motoharu who is the most popular boy in her class. Yano returns Nanami’s feelings and they start dating, however his past haunts their relationship and things start to become complicated. It was a dramatic love story to be exact and it made me feel frustrated with Yano and some of his actions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this movie, I eagerly watched the second movie to find out if they will end up together for good. You”l have to watch both movies to find if they do because I’m not going to tell you 😉

Posters of both movies!

5. Favorite Asian Singer/ Group/Band ?

I have so many but a few are BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, AAA (Attack All Around) this is a Japanese pop band, EXO, KARA, Wonder Girls, BIGBANG, FLOW, Namie Amuro and list goes on and on and on.

Ayumi Hamasaki
AAA (Attack All Around)
Wonder Girls
Namie Amuro

6. Favorite Asian Music Video ?

That one really got me thinking, honestly I can’t choose only one because there are so many I like. However, my most recent favorite music video is “Overdose” by EXO! It is such a cool song and the music video is really cool with the special effect and the futuristic vibe it gives people.

7. Which Asian countries have you been to or what to go to?

I haven’t been to any yet, but the ones I would love to visit are Japan, Korea, China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Thailand and The Philippines.

8. Favorite Anime or Manga?

There so many animes I like, but a few are Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Kamisama Hajimemashita and many more. As for mangas, I like Naruto, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Hana Yori Dango, Ouran High School Host Club and etc. However, right now I don’t really watch anime or read manga anymore, as much as I did in high school. I kind miss that :S

9. Favorite  Asian food?

I love ramen, Japanese style curry, sushi, bibmbap, tteokbokki (rice cake dish, it’s so yummy), dumplings, omurice and other delicious dishes.

10. How did your Asian obsession start?

Well it began before I started liking anime, I think I’m infatuated with countries with long histories, hence why I like Asia so much. Asia seems extra special to me, more interesting than other countries in the world (I’m being biased). Some people want to travel around Europe, I want to travel around Asia and I’m sure that will happen one day. Now back to the point, even though my interest in Asia began at an young age, anime is the biggest factor that made me even more interested in Asia. Anime made me want to learn more about Japan, anime also made me like Japanese music and Japanese movies/dramas. However, seven years ago I stopped watching anime, nevertheless my interest in Asian cultures grew. Now I appreciate these countries for their traditions, history and not only because anime is made in Japan. From my Japan obsession, I moved on to liking Korea, China and many more.

11. How has your obsession influenced your life?

My obsession has allowed me to be more open-minded, for example there used to be a time when I wouldn’t even look at sushi. Now I eat everything and that also made me more accepting and willing to try other foreign dishes. The second way my Asian obsession influenced me is by making me interested to learn another language. I’ve been wanting to learn Japanese for the past four years and it is an exciting journey. I want to speak more language and if I learn this one I will be fluent in three: Bulgarian, English and Japanese. How cool is that 🙂

12. Are you interested in any Asian languages?

I pretty much answered this question above lol, but yes I would love to learn Japanese and eventually learn how to read it too. It will be a challenging process, but I am ready to start studying. Learning another language is fun, don’t you agree? 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I certainly had a lot of fun answering these questions. If you love Asia as much as I do, I tag you to do this tag as well. In fact, I want to tag a fellow blogger @genkinahito do this tag too. Have fun 🙂

I’ll see you guys soon with my more posts! Have a lovely and restful weekend.


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