Music Monday! Sia – Elastic Heart.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday!

I am little behind on reviewing this song, but I am finally going to talk about Sia’s new single, “Elastic Heart” and share my thoughts about the music video. In this video Maggie Ziegler and Shia Labeouf are performing an emotional contemporary routine.

In a Twitter post, Sia wrote:

The two warring “Sia” self states.

There are many interpretations of this music video and the story behind it, I think this video is about Sia’s old and new self. She is fighting her past i.e. addiction and any other heavy emotional situation and her new self tries break free. It almost seems like the cage represents Sia’s brain and the her inner struggle inside her head. In the end when Maggie tries to escape Shia’s grasp and that may represent that she is not quite free yet and she has to work on her issues more. Recently, there have been a number of people who are against this video and call it sexual and of a pedophile nature. In the music video, Shia and Maddie wear skin colored clothing and their dance involved a lot physical touch. However, as I was watching the music video, the pedophile interpretation did not cross my mind even once. I was focusing on the choreography and the raw emotion behind something heavy that Shia and Maddie try to show with their dance. I did not see anything sexual between them and I can tell from Shia’s expression and that the way her danced with Maddie, it doesn’t cross his mind to be inappropriate. He is an actor and he is acting out a character Sia had in mind for the music video, so to all haters, calm down. This is art, not porn, so get your mind out of the gutter.

This is my personal thought about this music video, as for the song, I thought it was a work of art! Bravo Sia!

Let me know what you think and remember be respectful to others in the comments sections, everyone is entitled to an opinion.


See you soon!


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