Music Monday! One Ok Rock – Beginning.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday!

This weekend was very low key for me, so I decided that it is the perfect time to sit down and catch up on Japanese dramas and movies. One movie I’ve planning to watch for a while is the Rurouni Kenshin live action.

Rurouni Kenshin (2012).

Oh boy, I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the movie and the cinematography. In addition, the soundtrack was on point! The instrumental songs throughout the movie managed to capture the mood of specific scenes very well, from emotional to carefree. However, my attention was caught by the music during the ending credits. As you guys know, if I’m impressed by a movie soundtrack I search it on YouTube and listen to it all day. The new band that I discovered is One Ok Rock and the song I’ll be sharing is “Beginning”.

One Ok Rock!

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2005 with the members Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya. I found it very interesting that they incorporate a mix of Japanese and English lyrics in their songs. I think that’s a great marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and gain more popularity. The band became more popular throughout the years in countries such as the United States, Europe and South America. One Ok Rock announced that they will be releasing a brand new album in February 2015 titled “35xxxv”.

As for their song “Beginning” , it instantly captured my attention and I thought this would be a perfect pick for this week’s Music Monday. Enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂

See you soon!


Comic Con 2015!

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I had the chance to go to Comic Con in Toronto and I had a blast! I brought my friend with me because she’s never been to these conventions. Before I share with you some pictures I took at the convention, I want to tell you when I attended my first convention.

It was 2003 and I was watching a Canadian channel, YTV (Youth Television) and they were talking about Anime North. Anime North opened in May 2003, the convention ran the entire month. At that time, I was starting to become more interested in anime and obviously this caught my attention. I didn’t get the chance to go then, but I did go the following year and I had a blast. Since then I’ve gone to this convention up until 2007 and that was my final year going to Anime North. You may ask, why? At time I was starting to lose interest in anime and at one point I stopped completely. However, last year I heard Comic Con is coming to Toronto and I wanted to go and see what makes Comic Con so popular. I went, loved it and now I went back for another fun year. This year I bought a Legend of Zelda phone case, Minnie Mouse vinyl figurine and a knitted bunny plushie.

Today I will be sharing a few pictures I took at the convention, so enjoy 🙂

You can a lot of clothing and hat wear!


The Pokemon cookie matched the shirt I was wearing 🙂 Aren’t these cookies awesome?


This is so beautifully done, it will be a shame to eat it.


Box figurines? Quite interesting.


For superhero figurine lovers, you will find many.


An artist hard at work, it was interesting to see a cartoons draw in real life. There is so much hard work, detail and pure concentration.


The jewelry was stunning as well.



I regret not buying one of these posters, they are so pretty.


I thought these were very unique.


These were EVERYWHERE!!! I finally got tempted to buy one and I got Minnie Mouse.


I am not a comics fan, but there were so many. There were also really cheap ones i.e. $1.


These bags are the coolest!


Ok this is the highlight of the entire day at Comic Con. I met Linda Ballantyne (voice actress of Sailor Moon) and Toby Proctor (voice actor of Tuxedo Mask). They were so friendly and down to Earth!


Haha Toby made the picture even more epic.


Big Herooo<3
Also took some pictures with badass cosplayers. These people put so much effort into their costumes, I love it. Look how tough we are 🙂


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I did take some videos and I’m planning to put together a video on my YouTube channel.

Let me know if you go to conventions too and share with your most memorable moment 🙂

See you soon!

Music Monday! Daichi – Unlock.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday! Today I will be sharing a new music video I discovered by Daichi Miura called “Unlock”.

Daichi debuted in 1997 with group Folder, however he left the group due to his voice changing because of puberty. He made an announcement that he will be back as a solo artist and in 2005 he debuted again with his single “Keep It Going On”. Daichi is a man of many talents, he is a singer, songwriter and a choreographer. I know no one can compare to Michael Jackson, but I can say his dancing skills can match up to MJ. His dancing and singing seems effortless and he can hit those high notes very well. I also like to refer to him as the Japanese Sam Smith, for some reason he reminds me of him.

His new single is “Unlock” and I’ll be sharing the official version and the choreography version with Koharu Sugawara (a famous Japanese choreographer).

Enjoy and have a pleasant Monday evening 🙂

See you soon with my Comic Con photography post 🙂

Music Monday! Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Jumpin’.

Hello everyone,

On today post of Music Monday, we are taking a look back in time to the very popular girl group, Destiny’s Child. If you grew up in the 90s, you certainly had posters of them on your wall and you bought their audio cassettes (remember those?). The first song I heard by them is Bills Bills Bills, but one of my all time favorites is Jumpin’ Jumpin’.

It definitely makes you want to jump and dance, still to this day I dance to this song like I did when I was a kid. Ahh, the sweet memories! This single was released on April 17, 2000 and it landed a number one spot on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40.

Enjoy and have a peaceful Monday evening!

See you soon!

Lifestyle Sunday! Top 6 Healthy Snacks.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Lifestyle Sunday!

Do you every find yourself craving junk food in between meals? Do you go to the kitchen to grab chocolate, chips or any other junk food? If the answer to those questions is “yes”, don’t worry because I’ve got a solution to the problem. In my personal experience, I have noticed that I reach for those unhealthy snacks when I can’t think of anything else to eat. For years I would reach for a bag of chips because it is quick and convenient. However, that convenience is not always a good thing because this kind of food is not healthy. Now before any of you jump to the assumption that I eat healthy 24/7, that would be false. Just like any other person out there, occasionally, I enjoy a small bag of chips, chocolate bar or a slice of pizza. You can still eat the food you love, but in moderation and achieving that happens gradually. One day I started to brainstorm some snack ideas that do not require a lot of prep time, so I am going to share with you my six quick and easy snack ideas.

Let’s begin 🙂


1. Veggies & Hummus!

This one is very easy to make, it is delicious and you have a variety of vegetables to choose from. I like to use cherry tomatoes and cucumbers with regular hummus, for the longest time I used to hate hummus, but now I find it appetizing. If you don’t like hummus, you can use ranch or spinach dip, whatever it is to your liking.  I like get a medium sized  plate, put the vegetables around the hummus. It is a satisfying snack because it has that savory kick you would want in a snack.




2. Seasoned Seaweed and Fruit!

If you love the Asian flavor in foods, then this might be more up your alley! I like eating a lot of Asian food, but I recently also started liking seasoned seaweed. I like to get the sesame seed flavored packages or the ones that are sold at Costco. When I get my seaweed I put about 10 sheets onto a plate and in a small bowl I add some grapes or blueberries. I have discovered that those two fruits go well together with the seaweed. For beverages, I have water or a warm cup of green tea.

3. Kale Chips!

I like to refer to kale as the vegetable from the lettuce family, but with more of a bitter taste when it is eaten raw. I personally prefer to eat it raw, but I also love it as chips. If I feel like dedicating time to make my own kale chips I would, but I’m usually lazy so I buy it from the store. There so many different flavors, such as hemp cream & chive, cheddar, spicy curry lime, pink salt, red peppercorn ranch and so many more. I love eating the cheddar flavored one because it is so delicious and I love cheesy snacks. The brand I buy is Solar Raw Food, you can find it at any natural food store or any supermarket that sells organic products. If you live in Toronto, I recommend going to Fiesta Farms, it is one of my favorite grocery stores for organic food!



4. Coconut Strips!

I made an amazing discovery at Costco last month and coconut lovers will be thrilled about this, I sure was. My routine when I go to Costco is to check every isle, in case I find something I want to buy. This time I discovered coconut strips, they taste amazing! I like to have some in a small bowl with some tangerines, both flavors go well together.



5. Fruit Platter!

I am a huge sweets addict, luckily fruits are a great substitution for my craving. That’s why I prefer to make a fruit platter, but I try to be creative. The most recent fruit platter that I made consists of banana peanut butter sandwiches, strawberries and clementines. It is so so delicious and healthy for you. Natural sugar is the way to go!



6. Quinoa Puffs and Applesauce!

I discovered quinoa puffs at work (I work in a daycare) and they are so yummy! I like to get the plain quinoa puffs because they taste better than the cinnamon and cocoa puffs. I pick two small bowls and fill them up with applesauce and quinoa puffs. It is a small snack, but it will make you feel you up until dinner or lunch time.





I hope you enjoyed this healthy blog post, I am sure that in the future there will more snacks to add onto the list. However, for now this will suffice! Let me know which snack you will make at home 🙂

Have a peaceful Sunday and I’ll see you soon.

Music Monday! Spice Girls – Stop.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Music Monday!

If you grew up in the 90s then you definitely listened to the Spice Girls, don’t try to deny it! If you haven’t heard of Spice Girls, they are a British pop band formed in 1994 and gained popular very quickly. The members are Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) and Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice).

I have many favorite song by the Spice Girls, but today I want to share their song “Stop”. This song never fails to uplift my mood, enjoy and let me know if you are a Spice Girls fan too 🙂

See you soon

Lifestyle Sundays! Life Crisis in the Life of a 20-something Millennial? Finding My Career Path.

Hello everyone,

I want to try something new on my blog today and talk about everyday topics that we experience in our daily lives. Think of it as a chatting about life over a cup of tea or coffee on the Internet. I think I want to come up with a special name for this segment, but I don’t have any ideas. If you do, please share them with me 🙂

As you can tell from the title, today I will discuss the life crisis of a 20-something Millennial. You may ask me, “What is a Millennial”? A Millennial is anyone born from 1982 to 2000 and we are also known as Generation Y. I read something interesting the other day on a LinkedIn blog and it referred to Millennials as the “Peter Pan” generation. Why? Well, because most of us think being an adult is a nuisance and our lives as kids were easier. I think I relate to that notion, I cringe a little bit when I hear the word, adulthood. However, I enjoy the independence that comes with being an adult, but let’s face it we need a friggin’ manual for this thing called Adulthood. I guess our parents are supposed be like our manual, but in the long run we need to take hold of the steering wheel of our life.

I am a 26 year old Millennial who is experiencing some life crisis, basically finding my own desired career path. It seems like this is the number one thought I have every single day, it is a 24/7 kind of thing. I went to university to study Child and Youth Care, I successfully completed my program and got my degree. However, in my third year of university I realized that this field is not for me. I remember the day very well, we were in class talking about a serious topic and it turned into this big debate. I just sat there uninterested and thought to myself, “Why am I here? This is not what I wanted to do”. When I started my program, I was sure that this is my chosen career path and I felt passionate about this field. I love working with children and helping them, but there was still something missing. I could feel it, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. When I had this revelation in my third year of university, I suddenly felt lost. I felt like I had it all together and now not so much! I still feel this way today and I am trying to figure out what to do. If you are at this point in your life and you can relate to me, I am giving you a big virtual hug.

It can be a tedious thing, especially when you see people moving on with their lives so well. There is a saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, we feel this way when we compare ourselves to others. Comparing ourselves to others and their lives is toxic for our minds. I used to do that and I still do it in a way, but I realized you cannot compare your life to someone else’s life. Our lives and the pace of our story is different from other people’s story, so we need to focus on us. We can be in such a hurry to make things happen, we do not realize we need to slow down. So as I am embarking on this journey, I came up with a few tips to help anyone who is experiencing the same thing.

1. Explore

If you are not sure what career path to chose, do some research! Figure out what are your strongest skills and assets, this can be done by volunteering. You can also go online and read about each career you have in mind, read the job description and see if it appeals to you. If you are planning to go back to school, do in-depth research about the field and what the job entails. Scheduling an informational interview will be to your benefit, this is a short 10-15 minute meeting where you can ask various questions about the program of your interest. Another option I want to suggest is to make an appointment for an informational interview with someone in the field and ask them some questions. Such as:

1. What is your job like?

2. How did you get your job? What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position?

3. Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary experience?

4. What are the most important personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions connected with your occupation? What part of this job do you personally find most satisfying? Most challenging? What do you like and not like about working in this industry?

This will be one of my first steps in acquiring information that will help me find my desired job field. Many people do not do this, I didn’t do this when I was initially applying for university. So try to do as much research as possible!

2. Stop the comparison.

As I mentioned above, comparing your successes to other people’s successes won’t help you at all. You may think, “Well this person is doing better than me”, well maybe this person was in your position too and feeling the same way. Do not compare because it will give you a lot of stress and unwanted negativity, so just focus on you and do what makes you happy. Work at your own pace and do not rush, but don’t sit still either!

3. Making a permanent change?

You may think you don’t want to do the job, but stop and write down the reasons for your choice. Have a pros and cons charts and do some serious soul searching. What makes you unhappy about your current field, if the cons outweigh the pros, then maybe it is time for a change.

4. Do not think you are the only one.

The likelihood that other people are going through the same thing is high. I have a few friends who are in school to study something totally different from their Major. For example, I have classmate who studied child and youth care with me and now she is studying to be a speech therapist. When my cousin was in her 20s,  she went back and forth between two programs before she decided to study Political Science. That just goes to show, what is meant to be will happen eventually!

5. Have a support network.

Let me tell you this from now, there will be many people who will offer their opinion and try to sway your decision. Do not let them!!! You know what’s best for you better than anyone else, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a support network. Sharing your plans with someone is beneficial, luckily my mom is super supportive and encouraging. Same goes for a few of my friends and I am very thankful for the positive vibes these people send me. Even if there is one person in your life who is supportive, it is still enough.


It felt nice sharing this on my blog, I wrote it with the purpose of showing someone out there that they are not the only one going through this. I want to encourage a discussion in the comments section, so if you want to share a similar story, please do. Also if you want to see more of these type of posts, let me know in the comments box below.

Have a lovely Sunday evening and see you tomorrow for Music Monday!

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