Music Monday! Daichi – Unlock.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday! Today I will be sharing a new music video I discovered by Daichi Miura called “Unlock”.

Daichi debuted in 1997 with group Folder, however he left the group due to his voice changing because of puberty. He made an announcement that he will be back as a solo artist and in 2005 he debuted again with his single “Keep It Going On”. Daichi is a man of many talents, he is a singer, songwriter and a choreographer. I know no one can compare to Michael Jackson, but I can say his dancing skills can match up to MJ. His dancing and singing seems effortless and he can hit those high notes very well. I also like to refer to him as the Japanese Sam Smith, for some reason he reminds me of him.

His new single is “Unlock” and I’ll be sharing the official version and the choreography version with Koharu Sugawara (a famous Japanese choreographer).

Enjoy and have a pleasant Monday evening 🙂

See you soon with my Comic Con photography post 🙂

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