Comic Con 2015!

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I had the chance to go to Comic Con in Toronto and I had a blast! I brought my friend with me because she’s never been to these conventions. Before I share with you some pictures I took at the convention, I want to tell you when I attended my first convention.

It was 2003 and I was watching a Canadian channel, YTV (Youth Television) and they were talking about Anime North. Anime North opened in May 2003, the convention ran the entire month. At that time, I was starting to become more interested in anime and obviously this caught my attention. I didn’t get the chance to go then, but I did go the following year and I had a blast. Since then I’ve gone to this convention up until 2007 and that was my final year going to Anime North. You may ask, why? At time I was starting to lose interest in anime and at one point I stopped completely. However, last year I heard Comic Con is coming to Toronto and I wanted to go and see what makes Comic Con so popular. I went, loved it and now I went back for another fun year. This year I bought a Legend of Zelda phone case, Minnie Mouse vinyl figurine and a knitted bunny plushie.

Today I will be sharing a few pictures I took at the convention, so enjoy 🙂

You can a lot of clothing and hat wear!


The Pokemon cookie matched the shirt I was wearing 🙂 Aren’t these cookies awesome?


This is so beautifully done, it will be a shame to eat it.


Box figurines? Quite interesting.


For superhero figurine lovers, you will find many.


An artist hard at work, it was interesting to see a cartoons draw in real life. There is so much hard work, detail and pure concentration.


The jewelry was stunning as well.



I regret not buying one of these posters, they are so pretty.


I thought these were very unique.


These were EVERYWHERE!!! I finally got tempted to buy one and I got Minnie Mouse.


I am not a comics fan, but there were so many. There were also really cheap ones i.e. $1.


These bags are the coolest!


Ok this is the highlight of the entire day at Comic Con. I met Linda Ballantyne (voice actress of Sailor Moon) and Toby Proctor (voice actor of Tuxedo Mask). They were so friendly and down to Earth!


Haha Toby made the picture even more epic.


Big Herooo<3
Also took some pictures with badass cosplayers. These people put so much effort into their costumes, I love it. Look how tough we are 🙂


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I did take some videos and I’m planning to put together a video on my YouTube channel.

Let me know if you go to conventions too and share with your most memorable moment 🙂

See you soon!


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