EXO’s Comeback! “Call Me Baby”.

Last year, was a good and a bad year for EXO. From releasing a worldwide hit, “Overdose”, to two members leaving the group. The sudden leave of EXO’s ex-member Kris, left the group shaken up. Fans were not happy, shortly after that Luhan left as well. There have been lawsuits files against SM Entertainment from these former EXO members. This left fans thinking whether or not the group will make a comeback. Will they release another hit single? Will sales drop because of the member lineup change? Most of all, will EXO be ok again?

The answer to this highly anticipated question is finally answered with their recent comeback. EXO released their new single “Call Me Baby” and proved yet again why they are so amazing and popular. Even thought they went through hardships, they came back stronger than ever. Way to go EXO!

There is confidence radiating from each member, especially from Kai who opened the music video. He has so much charisma! Xiumin also stood out for me, I definitely want to see him front and center more often. EXO is known for their great choreography skills and in their new music video, they showcase sharp and sexy dance moves. We also get up close shots of the members singing and dance shots of their choreography. This kind of videography is typical for an EXO music video. Also their sense of style in this video is edgier, you could say we are entering the new era of EXO. “Call Me Baby” was released on March 30th and it already has six million views. SM Entertainment released the Korean and Chinese versions. I will be sharing both of them today!

Now of you’ll excuse me, I have to go back and watch the music video again for the millionth time!

Enjoy and let me know what you guys think about their new single 🙂

See you soon with a Battle Royale movie review!


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