Music Monday! Crayon Pop – FM

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Music Monday!

Have you ever wanted to see a music video that combines the Sailor Moon and Power Rangers? No? I guess it’s just me then. I am a full fledged nerd, however I have toned it down a notch since my teenage years. So you can probably imagine that the video I’m about to share, made my nerd spirit very happy. The music video I’ll be sharing today is “FM” by Crayon Pop.


Crayon Pop gained popularity in 2013 with their single, “Bar Bar Bar” and no it is not a song about drinking in bars. The group became so popular that they were given the opportunity to be an opening act for Lady Gaga. How awesome is that!!! Now they are back again with another catchy single and showcasing a more mature image and sound. If you are watching this video and you are thinking, “Mature? How’s this mature?”, watch their other videos and you’ll see there is a big change. This Kpop group is known for their silly concepts, this time they are honoring top hit children shows from 90s. Sailor Moon and Power Ranger, heck yeah, this music video is kick a**. The visuals are a must watch, you don’t want to miss this.

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!


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