Music Monday! Taylor Swift ft. Kendric Lamar – Bad Blood.

Welcome back to Music Monday everyone,

Today’s song choice for Music Monday is “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift has been sharing poster teasers on her social media websites for a while now and last night she released her long awaited “Bad Blood” music video at the Billboard Music Awards. The teasers build up the suspense and a lot hype surrounding the single.

When I was watching the music video, it made me think of the movie, Sucker Punch, it has a similar vibe and image. It is a futuristic crime fighting video and it is badass! The music video begins with Taylor and her sidekick, Selena Gomez, fighting some guys at an office. After the fight is over, Selena’s character betrays Taylor and pushes her through a window glass. Later on, she finds herself healed and at a superhero training headquarters, that’s when we are introduced to the different characters Taylor shared on her Instagram. Each character teaches Taylor how to fight and become stronger to prepare for the final fight. At the end of the video, Taylor appears with fiery red hair and with her crew to fight her enemy, Selena’s character. Then the video ends.

Music videos that are produced as short movies, always catch my attention and this one was entertaining to watch. Kendrick Lamar’s collaboration with Taylor is a great choice and it adds an edgy vibe to the intended theme of the video. So what’s my final verdict? Watch it, even if you are not a Taylor Swift fan, this music video will be fun to watch.

Here it is and enjoy 🙂

See you soon!


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