Health and Fitness Q&A!

Hello everyone,

It looks like it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but here I am back again with another post. Today I want to talk about health and fitness, two things that I am passionate about for two years. For me, it is very important to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Living healthy is something I talk about all the time, because ever since I embarked on this journey, I have felt more energetic and better about myself.

Today I will be answering some health and fitness questions, that will give a glimpse of my healthy habits.

Let’s begin.


1. Why do you workout?

I workout to become physically stronger, build more muscle and endurance! When I initially started to workout, I started because I wanted to lose weight, but now it is not about that anymore.

2. Describe your current workout routine?

I follow the Blogilates monthly workout calendars religiously, thanks to these workouts I became more lean and toned. If you have not heard of Blogilates, it is a Pilates YouTube channel run my Cassey Ho. Her videos are inspirational and effective and I highly reccommend them. On the side, I also go biking, running (still not a fan of it), weight training and yoga.

3. What is your favorite form of exercise?

My favorite form of exercise is Pilates, I love it became it gets the job done and it is very effective for muscle toning. Pilates all the wayyyy! 🙂

4. Do you listen to music when you workout?

Definitely, it helps me feel energized and go hard when I workout.

5. What’s on your playlist?

A lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Kpop and anything really upbeat and fun.

6. What is your exercise philosophy?

I think exercise should be a part of our daily lifestyle, it shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t become an obsession either. Some people workout so much, but they don’t even enjoy it. Find a workout that suits you and have fun doing it, don’t workout if you are going obsess over your body image. We should all learn to love ourselves and our bodies, working out is about staying healthy, not thin.


Are you a person who eats healthy?

Yes, now I eat healthier compared to years ago, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have moments when I would eat some junk food. What can I say, old habits die hard.

Do you diet/count calories?

I don’t believe in diets, I believe in living a healthy lifestyle where we eat healthy everyday. I’ve tried dieting before and it doesn’t work, plus feeding your body junk is not good for you. I have also never counted calories, I’ve been tempted a couple of times, but my strong will stopped me. I think there is a fine line when it comes to counting calories, it could potentially lead to an eating disorder if we become too obsessed with how much food we consume. p>

Which foods are your staple items?

I have a few, but some of my essentials are avocado, spinach, green tea, banana, straberries, garbanzo beans, grape tomatoes, quinoa, balsamic vinegar, blueberries, chia seeds, protein powder and many more.

Are there food your try to avoid?

Yes, salty and oily foods. I also try to avoid bread because it makes me feel bloated and I digest bread slowly. Other than that, I eat everything in moderation (most of the time) lol.

About how many times per day do you eat?

I eat three times per day, but when I’m at work I get so busy that I only have time for lunch and dinner. Sometimes, I only have time to snack on something small and then get back to work. Adult life rules…….not.

True or False

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! – Definitely, it gives you the energy you need to get started with your day. I am not a breakfast person, so when I don’t eat in the morning I feel fatigued. That’s why I try to have a smoothie, a banana or a cereal bar, something small always helps.

To lose weight or maintain weight loss, you need to cut carbohydrates! – No, cutting out certain foods does not mean you will lose weight. You can be cutting out foods and still maintain the same weight, sometimes this can happen due to stress. To lose and maintain weight loss you have to eat in moderation and eat good nutritious food. Exercise is also a vital component in seeing any results you desire.

It is bad to eat late at night! – True, I avoid it as much as possible! It is harder to digest the food because your metabolism slows down, plus the food needs to be digested two or three hours prior to going to bed.

Stress Management 

How do you relieve stress?

I do many things, such as listening to music, watching YouTube, going out with friends, working out, writing blog posts, crafting and going for walks. The best way I deal with stress is when I’m around people and I talk about my problems, it helps tremendously.

Have you ever tried yoga?

Yes, my first time attending a yoga class was June 2014 and I’ve loved it ever since. It helps me relax my tense body muscles and most of all focus  on the here and now.


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