Geek Corner: Convention Tips!

Hello everyone,

I have a confession to make, I am a full-fledged geek and I think I’ve been one since I was a child. I always gravitate towards nerdy things, that’s why I thought it would be appropriate to create a new segment dedicated to all of the nerdy things I love. I call it, Geek Corner, pretty simple and straight to the point!

The first topic for this segment is conventions, conventions are a wonderful place for people to come together and discuss their favorite shows and movies. Conventions also bring out the creative spirit in people who cosplay as their favorite characters. The word cosplay means fans dressing up as their favorite characters, people put tremendous effort in their outfit creations. I started going to convetions in 2004 (Anime North was my first one) and the last time I attended a convention was in 2007. I simply lost interest in them and I didn’t feel like going anymore, but last year I attended Comic Con for the first time. I heard a lot about it from social media and I was intrigued, so I decided to check it out. While I was at the convention, I got an idea to write a convention tips post for any newbies who will be attending a convention for the first time. These tips will be based on my personal opinion, so they may differ from other people’s tips, please feel free to share some of yours in the comments box below.

Let’s begin.

1. Do not buy a weekend pass.

From my experience, buying a weekend pass is not worth it! You will not see anything new and everything is pretty much the same all three days. Any major appearances from voice actors will spanout over the course of three days! So if you feel like you’ll miss out on meeting someone, dont, but always double check the schedule. I always go on Saturdays because that’s when the day feels more dynamic and fun.

2. Purchase tickets online.

I do realize that some of you may not be old enough to have a credit card, so ask your parents or guardian to purchase it for you. Buying tickets online is easier because you beat the lineups and enter the venue right away. Last year at Comic Con, I didn’t purchase a ticket online and we were told they weren’t any tickets left. As were were about to leave, they announced that there are a few more and we got them. Not everyone can be so lucky, so buy your tickets online!

3. Go early.

Beating the lineups and big crowds is worth it, it will give you some time to look around the merchandise room before it becomes packed with people. I like to be there when the convention doors open or maybe ten minutes after they open, haha. If you are claustrophobic like me, you probably want a few minutes to yourself.

4. Cosplay.

I am always fascinated with people’s ability to create their own costumes, I have seen many impressive designs. I personally have never cosplayed when I went to conventions because I was nervous that people on the public transit will look at me in a weird way. Don’t let that happen to you, it is fun to cosplay because people complement you and acknowledge your designer skills. Plus, you have the opportunity to feel like a celebrity for a day because people want to take your picture.

Great Sailor Moon cosplay picture I found on the internet.

5. Wear comfortable shoes.

You will be on your feet all day, so might as well wear something that will not kill your feet. If high heels, or some kind of uncomfortable shoes are part of your cosplay outfit, bring an extra pair of  comfortable shoes.

6. Bring a snack.

There aren’t always food stands at the venue or restaurants near the venue. This depends on where the venue is located, so if you get hungry throughout the day bring a snack with you. It could be a sandwich or whatever is to your liking.

Not exactly the healthiest snacks, but this will suffice for now.

7. Have fun.

The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy your time there, take pictures (always ask cosplayers for permission before you take their picture) and socialize. Your first convention will be unforgettable and enjoy each moment. Go to the shows performed by cosplayers, meet your favorite voice actors and buy some merchandise.

I hope this post was helpful and enjoyable for some of you, I take requests for future Geek Corner blog posts, so please let me know what you want to see next time.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!


Wonder Girls/REBOOT Album Review!


This is the opening message of their first single “I Feel You” since their three year hiatus from the K-pop music scene. Fans are rejoicing from the return of the Korean Pop legends, Wonder Girls. The group is composed of four members, Lee Sunmi (bass guitar), Kim Yubin (drums), Woo Hyelim (guitar) and Park Yeeun (piano). The group debuted as a dance group in 2007, but three years ago fellow member Yubin, approached her managed with the request to learn to play an instrument. Now each member plays an instrument and they released their 80s inspired album. The group has always been known for their retro image and music concepts, but this time they are making a serious comeback.  If you’ve been feeling nostalgic about the 80s, this will cure your 80s blues. REBOOT differs from other K pop artists’ releases because the girls introduce a new concept, they play instruments and they also composed/wrote their own songs.

It has been a long time since I liked an album from start to finish and this one is on replay since its release day. Each single brings diversity and nothing sounds the same! The album has twelve tracks:

1. Baby Don`t Play
2. Candle (Feat. Paloalto)
3. I Feel You
4. Rewind
5. Loved
6. John Doe
7. One Black Night
8. Back
9. OPPA (오빠)
10. 사랑이 떠나려 할 때 (Faded Love)
11. 없어 (GONE)
12. 이 순간 (Remember) 

This album is a mix of different genres such as pop, synthpop and R&B, including the diversity of instrumental composition that produces addictive catchy songs. A key signature sounds that are present in many songs throughout this album are drone cords and the synth/keyboard keyboard that would play different chords over the top of a bass note. REBOOT will also showcase new talents of members who will surprise their fans with rapping verses in songs such as “Back” and “OPPA.”  The vocal work throughout the album is confident and expressive of the emotion in each song. An example of a soulful and expressive vocal work can be heard in song such as “Gone” and “Remember.” The job of an artist is to make you feel the happy and sad emotion when listening to a song, the Wonder Girls have done a fabulous job channeling out this aspect in the tracks from the album.

REBOOT brings something new and fresh to the Korean music scene, the Wonder Girls have completely revamped themselves into something more advanced. The group now has the flexibility to choose their own sound and create their own music. The instrumental work for this album stands out and the instrumental accompaniments are rhythmic and engaging. With this album the Wonder Girls can be accepted in the Western music industry, considering how similar it sounds to 80s Western music. REBOOT has a big potential for commercial success!

This is by far is the best comeback and album from the Wonder Girls, this album receives a well deserved 9/10!

Here is a preview of each song from the album and you can support the Wonder Girls by purchasing their new album on iTunes.

Thank you very much for reading and stay tuned for more music reviews!

See you soon!

PanAm/Para PanAm Games 2015 – Toronto!

July and August have been exciting for Toronto because of the Olympic PanAm and ParaPanam Games. The city is buzzing with excitement from local citizens, to tourists coming to explore our city. Not to mention the amazing display at the famous St. Nathan Phillips Square, the PanAm Games park with entertainment for all ages and live performances from musicians. You can say that Toronto has been partying hard for the past two months and the energy in the city has been dynamic. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the rhythmic gymnastics game. It was incredible to be at the venue and watch Olympic athletes compete right in front of my eyes. It is an event in my life that I will never forget! I took some photographs of the excitement and I want to share them with you all.

Please enjoy and remember that these photographs are copyrighted and belong to me, so please do not use them as your own on any social media platform. Thank you!

Pachi, the official mascot of the 2015 PanAm Olympic Games! Just casually hanging out on top of the bus stop, in front of old city hall.
The famous Toronto sign, tourists and local citizens rush to take a picture of it and next to the sign. Yours truly, has one too 🙂


The PanAm Olympic flag.
At one of the venues for the games, this is located at Exhibition Place!










The moment Brazil found out they won the group competition! It was a touching moment, their happiness radiated in the room.



















It has been an incredible experience to attend of Olympic event, if you were to tell me years ago that this would happen, I wouldn’t have believed it. I feel very lucky to call Toronto my second home and have the opportunity to attend such exciting events.

If you’ve been to a PanAm game, please share with me your experience and which game you attended!

See you soon!













Music Monday! Wonder Girls – I Feel You.

I didn’t think their comeback would come to us so soon, but the Wonder Girls are back!

The Wonder Girls are back as a four member group, with two original members (Sohee, Sunye) officially leaving the group.  JYP Entertainment released a statement, that the girls left on good terms and discussed this decision with the current members.

The build up to their comeback began with JYP Entertainment releasing  individuals teasers. The famous K-pop group is known as dance group, but now they are transformed into a band, with each member playing an instrument. Each teaser is of the members playing an instrument, Lee Sunmi (bass guitar), Kim Yubin (drums), Woo Hyelim (guitar) and Park Yeeun (piano). In an interview with JYP Entertainment’s founder J.Y. Park, he stated that the reason the girls learned to play musical instruments is to allow more room for creativity.

“You can compose a song even if you can’t play any instruments, especially since the 2000’s when writing melodies and lyrics on a pre-made track became a popular form of making music.

But it limits your creativity since you’re writing to a track you didn’t make. So learning an instrument and basic music theory enables you to create your own track which means there’s absolutely no limit to your creativity.

That’s why the Wonder Girls learned their own instruments, not only to perform on stage but to create their own musical colour and it clearly shows on this album.

I’m so proud of them and their new album!” J.Y. Park

I agree with the statement completely, when you learn to play an instruments it allows you to create your own music and you have more freedom.

After a three year hiatus, the girls are back with their 80s inspired single, “I Feel You”, the song will take you back in time to the 80s. The tune, instrumentals, outfits and vocal work really makes you feel like it’s the 80s and not the 2010s. The single has become an instant hit in South Korea since its release on August 2, 2015, there is no doubt the girls will dominate the charts! Their studio album “Reboot” is released on August 3, 2015, with majority of the lyrics and lyrical composition created by the members. In the K-pop industry, it is usually the management company that decides the concept of music videos, writing the music and lyrics for the artists. Now The Wonder Girls have the freedom to decide how to present themselves and share their originality, so for that I give them a standing ovation.

Today I will be sharing their comeback single, and please listen to their albums as well because it is incredible.


See you soon!