New Years Roundup!

Yet again another year felt like it flew by, we have one day of 2015 left and we are about to welcome 2016. For two years, I have written a post about new resolutions and listing the different resolutions I am going to try to fulfill in the following year. This year for this post I will not do the same thing, but I will go over the resolutions that I was set for myself for 2015.

2015 resolutions, yay or nay!

1. Become more active on my YouTube channel! 

Nay, this year this resolution was a flop, but that’s ok. To be completely honest, I am not sure what kind of content I want to put out there in the Youtube world. Not to mention that posting videos of yourself online is a bit intimidating! That’s why I decided to wait until I figure out what my channel will be about.

2. Learn how to play the guitar!

Nay, learning to read music from scratch is tough and learning to play the guitar is even more challenging. I did not follow through with this resolution, however, I did buy an  electric keyboard. I was told by a musician that it is important to start with an easier instrument, so I purchased this one. I will work hard this year and learn to play on the piano.

3. Attend dance classes!

Nay, well it seems so far the resolutions I set for 2015 have not been fulfilled, but this year was the busiest one for me. Therefore, dance class was the last thing on my mind.

4. Become more confident!

Yay! I think all of us have insecurities and they could affect our self-esteem levels. My biggest hope for 2015 was to tackle that and go back to my confident self. I can say my confidence is back, insecurities always try to creep back into my life but I quickly kick them out. I hope any of you out there who is suffering from low self-esteem, tries to tackle this and work hard everyday. Remember, it doesn’t happen over night, so please be patient.

5. Figure out my career path!

YAY! This is the biggest and most important step in my life this year and something I’ve always envisioned. I am happy to say that I am a student at my old university, studying at the Arts and Entertainment Administration Continuing Education Program. Being part of the program gives me so much happiness because I can finally make my goals a reality. My biggest hope when I graduate is to get a job for the music industry. I will continue to work hard in 2016!!!

6. Stay vegetarian!

Yay, I have not eaten meat, but I do still eat fish. I call myself a Pescitarian, I am eating fish until master how to get all of the nutrients my body needs. I am a newby to all of this and each day I am learning opportunity.

7. Relax better!

Yay! I am so happy I can finally relax better after any kind of challenging days. I can let things go and just relax. Every year will make you wiser!!!

8. Sign-up for a running marathon!

Nay! I had a busy year so I didn’t have the chance to train enough for a running marathon! However, that is my goal for the next year.

9. Attend a cooking class!

Nay! To be completely honest, I forgot about this resolution but I did start cooking more at home.

10. Continue studying Japanese!

Nay! I definitely want to learn Japanese one day, however now it is not a priority. I have so many things I need to accomplish first, but one day I will go back to studying Japanese.

Compared to last year, right about now I should list my new resolutions. But this year I decided not to do that because I feel like I could work on my 2015 resolutions more in 2016. I fee like we should not set new resolutions if we have some unfinished business from the previous year. I also feel pretty good about myself and what I’ve accomplished last year.

I also want to take this opportunity and talk about something else too. I was on social media recently and saw this post online:


At first I agreed with what I read, but then I read what the person who posted this had to say and I realized she was right. To be able to evolve in life, you have to go through stress and hardships. Whether we like it or not, this is how the world works. Instead of wishing for a stress less year, wish for a year where you can develop good coping techniques to deal with the stress. Life will keep testing us until we get it right and learn to cope! My point with my rambling is to keep going, perseverance is key. Continue to evolve, try new things, live an interesting life, eat good food, hangout around good people and be happy! You deserve it.

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you lots of love, health and happiness!

Thank you for spending another year with me and please continue to support my blog 🙂

See you in 2016!

p.s. You may have noticed that I did not do a countdown for the top 10 American music. That’s because I listened mainly to Kpop throughout the entire year, however, if I had to pick my favorite song of 2015 it is “Downtown” by Macklemore!



Kpop Top 10 List!

This is the time of the year to look back and recap top moments in popular culture. However, in this case we will look back and list the top 10 Kpop songs of 2015.

Let’s get started!

  1. SNSD – Lion Heart.

Last year was rough for SNSD with the drama between Jessica Jung and SM Entertainment. Jessica left the group, claiming she was kicked out, that made fans worry about SNSD’s future. Not need to worry, they came back stronger than ever with three chart smashing hits. Second place goes SNSD’s Lion Heart, winning multiple awards and landing a number one spot on the Korean and U.S. Music charts. I guess the SNSD are unstoppable no matter what they go through.


2. Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang

We got showered with Big Bang music this year and not only that, but they also went on a worldwide tour too. Since they released so many songs, it was hard to pick one for this list. However, I decided to pick the one that stood out to me. That song was “Bang Bang Bang”, Big Bang have this way of introducing a new song and having listeners think to themselves “I’m not sure I like it so much”. After giving it another chance, it become one of those songs that you cannot stop replaying for days.  The song peaked at number one on the Gaon Digital Charts.

3. 4Minute – Crazy

I think I speak for all us Kpop fans when I say the 4 Minute’s song “Crazy” was on replay for weeks. That first beat drop sucks you in and there is no going back. We all knew Hyuna can be edgy, but the other members showed they go a spunk too. For me this is the best musical concept from 4Minute, the black and white graphics and edgy outfits put it all together. That’s why “Crazy” is at number three.

4. Taeyeon – I

Fans got excited when they found out Teayeon’s SNSD will be debuting her first official solo single. Her song “I” is very different from the typical Korean Pop music, it has a soulful and mature sound. Less of the cutesy image is about time because let’s face it, SNSD member are in their late 20s, time for a change. We all know Taeyeon has powerful vocals, but this song showcases them more. Her song “I” received countless of awards and the song also debuted to number one. I look forward to more solo songs from Taeyeon.

5. GOT7 – If You Do

Oh GOT7, they can pull of the baby face image, but with their recent single “If You Do” they present a new mature side of them. This song about a breakup, and it describes how frustrated and angry the boys feel. Their dancing, emotion is channeled out well in the video. For me personally, this is their best video of 2015, this single also ranked number one on the iTunes charts.


6. Wonder Girls – I Feel You.

I didn’t anticipate a Wonder Girls comeback anytime soon, but when I read they are making a comeback as a band, I got excited. The girls made their comeback as a four member group, with Sohee and Sunye leaving the group to pursue other en devours. Unlike SNSD, there are no hard feelings between the girls and they still keep in touch. The girls released their first single in three years, “I Feel You”, with a 80s inspired concept. Even thought the single didn’t debut number one on the music charts, it still debuted in the top 5 spot. I give these girls huge credit for dedicating their time to learn a brand new instrument and performing live. Wonder Girls also composed majority of the music on their album “REBOOT” and has written most of the lyrics on this album. Good job girls, you dedication and hard work shows!

7. EXO – Love Me Right

EXO had some controversy last year with their member Kris, leaving the group. Later on two more member left EXO, Luhan and Tao! When a member leaves from a Kpop band, especially if they are under the management of SM Entertainment, it could be quite controversial. However, the group continues to push forward and release new content to make their fans happy. Their song “Love Me Right” debuted at number one in Korea, and broke the record for the biggest sales week for a Kpop artist.

8. Seventeen – Adore U

Seventeen debuted earlier in the year and they are definitely worth the mention because they are might be the newest and biggest sensation in Kpop. This group consists of thirteen member, yes you read that right! The group is divided into three teams: performance, vocals and hip-hop unit. The logistics behind these Kpop groups can be complicated, but try to keep up. What makes this group special is the member are actively involved in the composition and production of their own music, as well as their choreography. Their debut album debuted number one and they were name one of the most promising newcomer group in the Kpop world. I couldn’t agree more, their debut song “Adore U” has a sweet, bubbly pop sound with great choreography. I can’t wait to see how they evolve in the near future!

9. BTS – I Need U

BTS released three songs this year, but I decided to pick their first single of 2015, “I Need U”. This band debuted in 2013 and they are quickly became more well-known in the Korean Music scene. The music video for “I Need U” has a dramatic concept with strong dance perfromance skill from the members. This single is an important one in their career because it won first place on SBS MTV’s The Show for the first time since their debut. BTS is proving how great they can be, and they continue to deliver with each single. They have a bright future ahead of them!

10. SHINEE – Married To The Music

SHINEE celebrated their 7 year anniversary since their debut, they released a successful new album “Odd”. My favorite song from the album is “View”, but “Married To The Music” deserve a mention on our list. “Married To The Music” is a “Thriller” inspired track with a wacky music video that brought Halloween a little bit earlier. This top 10 track with its unique mix of genres marks the best kinds of Kpop tracks.

Thank you all for reading, if you are Kpop fan let me know which song is to your liking! Happy New Year and I look forward to another great year of music!

See you soon!





Life Lessons of 2015!

I made it a goal for myself that each year I will grow as a person, and become wiser. This year was one of the most important years for me, lots of good things happened, but there were also stressful moments. I had one of the biggest realizations this year about many circumstances in my life. This got me thinking to write this post and talk about what I’ve learned!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. You can’t change people!

It’s true, you are not responsible to change the thinking of someone if they refuse to accept they have a problem or if they are difficult. The only person you can change is yourself, it’s hard enough to change ourselves, what makes us think we can change others. You are not Jesus, do yourself a favor and let it go.

2. Let it go.

This brings me to my second point, letting things go. We as human beings are prone to holding grudges, and not letting go of things that upset us. When you don’t let go, you hold on to the toxic feelings, sadness, anger, jealousy and regret. Let me use a metaphorical example, imagine holding on to a cactus. The needles are pointing you and they hurt you, but you do not let go because you think you will get used to the pain. You won’t, the needles will dig in and hurt you even more. Letting go is not an easy task, but taking it one day at a time and trying to be positive will prove to be helpful.

2. Think positive.

Positivity is contagious, positive people radiate a calm aura and draw people to them. Life can be challenging, it’s easy to forget to be positive, but do not fall victim to a negative thinking pattern. Take it one day at a time, and think one positive thought each day. Even you had the worst day, think of that one thing that made you smile. Keep a journal and write one positive things that happened to you each day!

3. Follow your passion.

No matter what anyone says, always follow your passion! Have a solid plan and start taking action, we don’t know what the future holds for us, but we can shape our future with our actions in the here and now. I am back at school studying in a program that will land me a job in the arts and entertainment industry. It took a long time for me to figure out my plan, but I finally did it. The best is yet to come!!!

4. Live life to the fullest.

Not every day will be rainbows, sunshine and roses, but we have to learn to live life to the fullest. Someone once told me, try to live an interesting life! This saying resonated with me and I try to apply it to my life. I am currently doing some work at the Canadian Music Centre to gain some experience, there is an elderly gentlemen who volunteers there and has traveled to 69 countries. We sat down for an hour and talked about his adventures throughout his life, he also told me that his life had hardships too. However, he has always been determined to live life to the fullest and create a memorable and filling life. I hope you all start doing that too, I certainly am determined to try new things and one day look back on the great life I’ve had.

5. Accept there are bad people.

We encounter difficult people every where you go, at work, on the public transit, at school and more. Going back to my first point in this post, you cannot change them. What you can do is to try and avoid them, try not to get involved and have limited interactions. However, there are times when you can’t do that, in that case stand up for yourself if people are being unfair. Bullying is not allowed, so learn to speak up for yourself and do not let people walk all over you.

6. Control your emotions.

We are human beings, so of course our emotions might get the best of us. However, we need to monitor ourselves and watch how we react to certain things. Our emotions make us think irrationally, before we respond to anything that upsets us, take some time to breathe and remove yourself from the situation. Meditation is wonderful way to relax your mind, and control what you feel.

7. Be kind to yourself.

We live in a overly critical society, anyone can find anything wrong with you! Do not listen to them, and know your worth as a person. We are our own worst critic too, be kind to yourself and love yourself. When you do you will radiate confidence and positivity!

8. Do not overthink.

Overthinking makes a situation seem worse than it actually is! Go with the flow, overthinking is not going to make anything better, in fact it will make you feel worse. Thinking of worse case scenarios to a potential situation is pointless, there have been some many times I’ve been overthinking and in the end things were fine.

9. Things happen for a reason.

It’s story time, so in September I was supposed to start taking my first course at the program I’m enrolled in, but this course got cancelled. I was so upset, and then the second course I was supposed to take in November got cancelled too. My first reaction in September was tears, lots of them, I felt like nothing is going my way. Then I did something I’ve never done, after crying a waterfall of tears, I sat down, took a deep breath and began to think. I started to think of plan B, this plan was doable. At the time, I had a very stressful time of the year because school was starting and I had to manage a classroom of 15 children by myself. If I had my classes and the pressure from work, I would’ve crumbled. The point of my story is that things happen for a reason and the cancellation of my courses is a blessing in disguise. God has a plan for you, just take it easy and trust it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I am proud of myself this year and I’ve come a long way. Many people say, “A new year, a new me”, let’s think about it in another way! A new year is an opportunity to learn something new, to become wiser and happier. You should’t set these goals only at new years, but at every day of the year.

Thank you reading everyone, please follow my Twitter page for daily updates (

See you soon!

Gift Ideas on a Budget!

Let’s face it, some of us cannot afford to purchase luxury brands as gifts, but that’s ok because today I will share some gift ideas. Some of these ideas are DYI projects, while the other option are less expensive items you can purchase

Let’s begin!

  1. Baking

This is the easiest and most cost efficient gift, all you have to do is go to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients. It comes from the heart and the time and effort you’ve put into making these yummy goodies will be appreciated. For baking ideas, visit Pinterest because they have a ton of recipes!

2. Ikea candles.

I love Ikea for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is because their prices are affordable. If you know someone who loves candles, go to Ikea, they sell candles individually and in packages. Their prices range from $1 – $5, this is a much better alternative than Bath and Body Works.

3. Make a canvas.

This will require some time and effort, but if you want to save some money then this will be worth it. All you have to do is find a canvas, print a picture or you can go to Walmart to print the size you want.

The materials you will need are 1) a canvas, you can find one from the Dollar Store 2) Mod Podge, from Walmart 3) a sponge brush 4) paint % a picture, printing pictures at Walmart is affordable. First, use the Mod Podge glue and spread it on the canvas, then place the picture on top. Let it set for about five minutes, then apply very thin layers of the glue on the top of the picture. At first, the glue is white, but afterwards it will dry clear. The sides of canvases are usually stapled, use silver paint and it will conceal the staples nicely.

It is a sentimental gift, than can brighten up someone’s day.

4. Music.

For any music lovers in your life, there are two options for gifts. First, you can make a mixed CD, downloading their favorite music, but you should know their music preferences well. Second, go to a used CD/Records store, you will find lots of old CDs. In fact, I will be making a trip to the used CD store this weekend.

5. Gift Cards.

If you don’t know what to get someone, gift cards are always a good idea. You can buy a Starbucks card for $10 dollars or Indigo/Chapters (bookstore)gift card for $20. I love to get gift cards, so I can confirm they are a good gift.

I hope these ideas were helpful, let me know which one stood out to you. If you have any other affordable gift ideas, please share it with our readers.

Happy Holidays everyone and see you soon!


Toronto/Nature Photography!

Hello everyone,

I feel like this year was the year I improved dramatically with my photography, I’ve been reading a lot and taking notes from professionals. Today I will be sharing a collection of my photography from the start of the year, I will also be making another Christmas photography post too.

Stay tuned and enjoy 🙂


“There is always a light at the end of the tunnel”!


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and see you soon!