New Years Roundup!

Yet again another year felt like it flew by, we have one day of 2015 left and we are about to welcome 2016. For two years, I have written a post about new resolutions and listing the different resolutions I am going to try to fulfill in the following year. This year for this post I will not do the same thing, but I will go over the resolutions that I was set for myself for 2015.

2015 resolutions, yay or nay!

1. Become more active on my YouTube channel! 

Nay, this year this resolution was a flop, but that’s ok. To be completely honest, I am not sure what kind of content I want to put out there in the Youtube world. Not to mention that posting videos of yourself online is a bit intimidating! That’s why I decided to wait until I figure out what my channel will be about.

2. Learn how to play the guitar!

Nay, learning to read music from scratch is tough and learning to play the guitar is even more challenging. I did not follow through with this resolution, however, I did buy an  electric keyboard. I was told by a musician that it is important to start with an easier instrument, so I purchased this one. I will work hard this year and learn to play on the piano.

3. Attend dance classes!

Nay, well it seems so far the resolutions I set for 2015 have not been fulfilled, but this year was the busiest one for me. Therefore, dance class was the last thing on my mind.

4. Become more confident!

Yay! I think all of us have insecurities and they could affect our self-esteem levels. My biggest hope for 2015 was to tackle that and go back to my confident self. I can say my confidence is back, insecurities always try to creep back into my life but I quickly kick them out. I hope any of you out there who is suffering from low self-esteem, tries to tackle this and work hard everyday. Remember, it doesn’t happen over night, so please be patient.

5. Figure out my career path!

YAY! This is the biggest and most important step in my life this year and something I’ve always envisioned. I am happy to say that I am a student at my old university, studying at the Arts and Entertainment Administration Continuing Education Program. Being part of the program gives me so much happiness because I can finally make my goals a reality. My biggest hope when I graduate is to get a job for the music industry. I will continue to work hard in 2016!!!

6. Stay vegetarian!

Yay, I have not eaten meat, but I do still eat fish. I call myself a Pescitarian, I am eating fish until master how to get all of the nutrients my body needs. I am a newby to all of this and each day I am learning opportunity.

7. Relax better!

Yay! I am so happy I can finally relax better after any kind of challenging days. I can let things go and just relax. Every year will make you wiser!!!

8. Sign-up for a running marathon!

Nay! I had a busy year so I didn’t have the chance to train enough for a running marathon! However, that is my goal for the next year.

9. Attend a cooking class!

Nay! To be completely honest, I forgot about this resolution but I did start cooking more at home.

10. Continue studying Japanese!

Nay! I definitely want to learn Japanese one day, however now it is not a priority. I have so many things I need to accomplish first, but one day I will go back to studying Japanese.

Compared to last year, right about now I should list my new resolutions. But this year I decided not to do that because I feel like I could work on my 2015 resolutions more in 2016. I fee like we should not set new resolutions if we have some unfinished business from the previous year. I also feel pretty good about myself and what I’ve accomplished last year.

I also want to take this opportunity and talk about something else too. I was on social media recently and saw this post online:


At first I agreed with what I read, but then I read what the person who posted this had to say and I realized she was right. To be able to evolve in life, you have to go through stress and hardships. Whether we like it or not, this is how the world works. Instead of wishing for a stress less year, wish for a year where you can develop good coping techniques to deal with the stress. Life will keep testing us until we get it right and learn to cope! My point with my rambling is to keep going, perseverance is key. Continue to evolve, try new things, live an interesting life, eat good food, hangout around good people and be happy! You deserve it.

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings you lots of love, health and happiness!

Thank you for spending another year with me and please continue to support my blog 🙂

See you in 2016!

p.s. You may have noticed that I did not do a countdown for the top 10 American music. That’s because I listened mainly to Kpop throughout the entire year, however, if I had to pick my favorite song of 2015 it is “Downtown” by Macklemore!



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