Jessica Jung / Solo Debut!

The time has come for Jessica Jung to spread her wings and fly with her first ever solo debut! Let’s welcome back Ms. Jung to the music scene because she proved yet again, no matter what she is faced wit, she will triumph.

It’s been almost a year and half since Jessica’s exit from SNSD and her former entertainment company, SM Entertainment. Many fans wondered what will be Jessica Jung’s next move. Will she quit the music industry? Will she focus solely on fashion and her fashion brand, Blanc and Eclare?

On January 18, 2016, Jessica posted a short video on Instagram of her in a music studio. Fans began to speculate a possible comeback for the Korean Pop star, and they weren’t wrong. On April 27, she posted a picture telling her fans she finished filming her first ever solo music video.

It’s a great feeling!
Finished up shooting an MV last month in lovely LA, Malibu and even the desert! Just completed the final edits today, took over a month because I wanted to make sure every detail was perfect! Can’t wait to show it to u guys!
For now, here’s a pic ❤️ Who’s excited?!! – via

Jessica’s new entertainment agency, Coridel Entertainment, released two teaser videos of her debut single “Fly” ft. Fabolous. Meanwhile, Jessica Jung posted a few more photos from her album cover photoshoot. Her mini album “With Love, J” will consist of six singles with worldwide album release on May 17, and an Englis version release on May 27.

  1. Fly ft. Fabolous
  2. Big Mini World
  3. Falling Crazy in Love
  4. Love Me The Same
  5. Golden Sky
  6. Dear Diary

Jessica’s solo debut single, “Fly”, premiered yesterday and it already has 3 million views! An amazing accomplishment for a newly released single, this shows the unbelievable support from her adoring fans. “Fly” is a pop dance with an inspiring and uplifting message about being brave and chasing your dreams. Jessica is glowing with happiness throughout the music video, this video showcases her own personal touch and style.

The time has come for Jessica to shine bright like a star, she has proved that she can fly high and be successful. For her to go on her own has been a blessing in disguise and I’m sure this will open many doors of opportunities for her.

Good luck Jessica Jung, we are excited what you have in store for us in the future

What do you think about Jessica’s solo debut? Let me know in the comments box below.

To read Jessica’s interview with Billboard magazine and find more about what she has to say about debuting as solo artist, click here (


See you soon!



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