East Coast, Meets West Coast 2016! Part II – Granville Island & Gastown.

Welcome back everyone,

Today it’s time for part two of my traveling story! I will be telling you a little bit about Vancouver and the beginning of our road trip to Portland, Oregon.

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, it was the end of our crazy, but fun hiking day. After my intense hike, I remember waking up and feeling really sore. Hiking is the best workout you can get! Even though I was sore, I was happy because I was improving my stamina and getting back into shape. I woke up around noon, my friend slept in a little bit longer so I took advantage of my free time and edited some pictures from the hike. After my friend woke up and we got ready, we went out to grab some sushi. Apparently, sushi in Vancouver is cheaper than in Toronto. That’s actually, for seven bucks we got a nice meal and it was very filling.

Simply delicious

Before my friend went off to work, we drove down to Granville Island by the Harbourfront. 

The scenery of the boats and the mountains in the distance was lovely.

The mountain is hiding behind the bridge

Granville Island is a shopping district located at the end of Granville Street Bridge. My friend and I hung out near the water for a bit before she went off to work. I decided to go and explore on my own, I walked around taking pictures of the scenery and recording videos for my video montage I’m working on as we speak. When I was done, I decided to put away my camera so I can enjoy my time without feeling the need of documenting every little detail. I decided to go inside the Granville Market and look around for any souvenirs (I used this word a lot on my trip, haha). You could find everything there, meats, pastries, more delicious food and unique homemade products. I bought a Granville Island coaster, I wanted to take a little piece of Granville Island with me to Toronto.

IMG_7340  After I finished browsing around the market, I decided to go and take the bus to Gastown. Gastown is a historic part of Vancouver and a place I’ve always wanted to see in person, it is a beautiful part of downtown with a European vibe. I am proud of myself because I managed well on my own with the bus and directions. I always get nervous navigating through an unknown city because I have a poor sense of direction, but I did well. The bus ride was pleasant, I talked to some tourists as well and it was fun to find out from where people are coming from to visit. As soon as I got to Gastown, I was super excited to go and see the famous steam clock in person.


Arrival in GaGastown

Before that, I came across a souvenir shop and of course, I had to go inside and buy some gifts for my friends and family. When I was done, I went to take pictures of the clock tower and then I went for a short walk.

I decided to head back to my friend’s place because I had to finish packing for our U.S. road trip. I went to catch the SkyTrain, but I was slightly confused about the transit system. For example, they didn’t have a ticket booth to buy tickets or ask questions, while in Toronto there is one at every station. I almost took the wrong train for the wrong travel zone, but my intuition guided me to ask a couple how to get to my destination. They guided me and I took the train to my stop. I like the transit system in Vancouver because 1) it’s cheaper 2) we travel above ground and there is actual cellular service. Hallelujah!

Skytrain Station
Inside the Skytrain

When I arrived at my stop, I hopped on the bus and went home. My friend’s roommate was already at home, so we ended up cooking a delicious healthy dinner, chatting and going for an evening walk to the park. It was probably one of the most relaxing and enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a long time.

Craving this delicious dinner again
Pleasant walk in the park

After we got back, I started packing and waiting for my friend come home from work, because we were planning to start driving to Portland, Oregon in the middle of the night. Yes, I am serious! The reason why my friend wanted to leave so early was because of the traffic, we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic for a long time and waste the day. My friend got home a little bit after 12:30am and we were on the road around 2ish ( I can’t remember the exact time). I was super excited to finally go to the States, it was a very exciting moment for me. I’ve never had such a spontaneous trip in the middle of the night, and in general I always plan things ahead of time.  I’ve learned that the best things in life happen, when you are spontaneous and go with the flow. Now back to the story! Soon we arrived at the border, when all the technicalities were taken care of and we showed our passports, we were on our way again. As soon I knew we were on U.S. grounds, I squalled so loud that my friend thought something bad happened. I grew up watching American movies with my family back in Bulgaria and to us the States were a big deal and I was happy to finally see what the fuss is about.

I am going to end this story here and continue with my U.S. road trip story in another post because there is so much to talk about! What I want to know from you guys is, what was your most memorable road trip you’ve had? Share your story below, I would love to read it.

Thanks for reading and see you soon 🙂



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