My Thoughts On Logan Paul!

As someone who works with children and has spent four years of my life in university studying Child and Youth Care Counselling with minor in psychology, I had to speak up about a certain topic.

On December 31, 2017, famous Youtuber Logan Paul who has millions of people following him, posted a video of himself going into the Suicide Forest in Japan. As he was walking around, he and his friends stumbled upon a dead body hanging from a tree. I think it is obvious you might see a dead body if you go in the forest, it’s called suicide forest for a reason. In addition, I believe trespassing is prohibited and you can’t go in the forest. To make things worse, he included up close shots of the body in his vlog and he was laughing with his friends. I have four words for Logan Paul!

You should be ashamed! 

First of all, he has a huge following and most of his audience is children. Posting something like this without thinking how you might traumatize young minds is a disgrace. So many children could have seen a dead body for the first time in their lives because of his reckless behavior. He deleted the video, but I personally haven’t watched it. I can’t bring myself to watch something like this, it is disturbing content even for someone who is an adult. This news made me think of my students, what if they saw the video. What if they came to me and said they feel upset and can’t forget what they saw. Some of my students come to me and tell they watch YouTube videos they are not supposed to watch behind their parents back. Psychological development in young children is important and we have to be careful what we expose our children to. His actions are irresponsible and he didn’t think about anyone else but himself. Since then he has posted an apology video and in the video, he mentioned he was trying to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

I don’t understand. How can you raise awareness about suicide prevention when you show a dead body, there is no logic in that statement. This is a plain excuse for disrespecting the individual you committed suicide and Japan. Logan Paul states he didn’t do it to gain more views, but I do not believe this statement. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t post a video showing graphic and sensitive content. This was done for shock value, to show something that other YouTubers haven’t done. This is an obsession with views, likes, and followers and sadly this is what our society is becoming. Everything needs to be filmed to try and impress strangers online. It’s sad and it’s not okay. At all.

I am all about giving people second chances and there have been social media influencers who spread a positive message with their videos, who stated he deserves a second chance. I personally cannot feel this way right now, I am so disgusted with what he did that I don’t think he deserves a second chance. Maybe somehow he will redeem himself in the future but for now, he needs a rude awakening to smarten up and be a decent human being. I also think YouTube is to blame too, this video should’ve been flagged and taken down immediately. Shame on you, YouTube!

If you have a huge following as a social influencer your duty is to spread positive, and appropriate content to your viewers. Even if you do not have a huge following you still need to think about what you post online. For example, I don’t have the biggest following on my blog or photography page, but I still ensure I post motivational and pleasant content. Don’t be a jerk and post controversial content with the purpose of gaining a following. Let your art and talent speak for itself and earn followers with hard work.

I hope everyone who is a big or small social media influencer, thinks about what they post and how it affects others.

Thank you for reading!

I’ll see you all tomorrow with a wintery post 🙂


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