Foodie February! Foodie Tag.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first post of the monthly segment that I call Food February.

I would like to call myself a foodie because I enjoy trying out different cuisines and go to new restaurants and cafes. I never used to be so open to eating exotic food from other cultures. However, in university, I tried sushi for the first time and I loved it. I think this is what made me more open-minded about eating various types of foods.

Today we will take a look at more of my food preferences so you can get an idea of what I enjoy to eat. This month’s segment will include recipes, food guides to my favorite cuisines in the city and listing my favorite restaurants and cafes.

Now let’s take a look at which foods I enjoy to eat.

Sunset chaser (1)

1. What food could you eat every day?

I could eat pizza, sushi, and pasta every day.

2. What’s your favorite restaurant?

I have many but I love Cibo, Pickle Barrel, Sushi Sky, Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, Kinto Ramen, Luma Restaurant, and Azura Restaurant and Bar.

3. What city has the best food you’ve ever had?

I loved the food in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. Portland has an amazing pizza place, called Sizzle Pie and I highly recommend it. I liked the food in Vancouver because the sushi restaurants were always cheaper than the ones in Toronto.

4. What do you get on your sub?

I don’t eat subs anymore, the last time I went to Subway was 2012. I don’t like their food anymore and I don’t find it filling.

5. What do you get on your pizza?

It’s nothing exciting, but I get olives. I prefer regular cheese pizza without any topics.

6. Is there a food you’ve always wanted to try?


I always wanted to try omurice, which is a popular Japanese dish.

7. Tell me about your worse restaurant experience

I haven’t had one, I had some food from a Vietnamese restaurant years ago and later on that day I felt sick. I don’t know if that counts as a bad experience.

8. Who’s a better cook; your mom or you?

My mom for sure, she knows how to make delicious meals. However, I’m catching up with her.

9. What is one food you just fail at making?

I tried making omurice, but I failed. Omurice is basically omelet rice, you cook the omelet and then you put rice inside and fold it the omelet. I failed at the folding part.

10. Name your least favorite foods

I don’t like beans, peas, peppers, kiwi, apples, there is some Bulgarian food I dislike too.

11. Raw or cooked veggies?

I definitely prefer raw veggies, but I don’t mind eating cooked ones too.

12. How do you like your steak?

I’m actually a pescetarian, so I haven’t eaten steak since 2014. However, back in the day I liked it well done, seeing pink in the meat made me feel sick.

13. Do you enjoy cooking or baking better?

I’m not good at baking so I prefer cooking.

14. What’s your favorite fast food place & can you name 5 items off of the menu?

I don’t eat Mcdonalds anymore, but when I used to I would order the cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, big mac, apple pie and their salad with the thousand island dressing. I do not order these items all at once, of course.

15. Name a food place you wish was closer to you.

Sizzle pie, this pizza place was heaven and they made the best gluten-free pizza.

16. Ultimate favorite dessert?

Cake, any type of cake is good for me.

17. What food do you gravitate more towards at a party or get together?

I gravitate towards fingers food, I like getting chips, cookies and etc.

18. Favorite food to eat at Christmas?

I love my mom’s Tutmanik, which is a special bread filled with cheese. It is a traditional part of our Christmas Eve dinner.

19. What’s the first food that comes to mind… NOW?

Sushi, I haven’t had raw fish in a while because I am not allowed, therefore, I am craving it a lot.

20. Do you have any weird food habits?

I do, I love to put ketchup on my rice. I don’t know if that’s weird but it makes the rice taste so good.

21. What holiday is your favorite for food?

Definitely Christmas time, I love the traditional Bulgarian food we cook on Christmas Eve. Let’s not forget the sweet treats too.

22. What’s one food you would NEVER try?

Oysters, snails, and clams!

23. Do you know your best friends favorite food?

Yes, my first friend loves cupcakes, my other friend loves beef, I have another friend who loves anything deep fried and finally Italian food.

24. What’s the best thing your mom makes?

I love the moussaka my mother makes, it’s the best comfort food.

25. What’s your favorite style of eggs: Scrambled, boiled, poached, over easy or sunny side up?

Definitely scrambled, and I like to add some crumbled feta cheese. I don’t always do this, but when I add the cheese it adds a nice flavor to the eggs.

26. Name your favorite restaurant that closed down

Luckily, my favorite restaurants are still open so I don’t have one yet and I hope it stays that way.

27. Do you like your bread toasted light or dark?

I like it dark because the burnt flavor is actually to my liking.

28. Do you like spicy foods?

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of spicy food, but as I got older I developed a tolerance for spicy foods. The hard part is I cannot have spicy foods right and the struggle is real.

29. Do you like seafood?

Yes, my favorite types seafood is lobsters, crab, and salmon.

30. The first food that comes to mind that is green?

Spinach, because I am currently having a spinach and banana smoothie for breakfast or lunch I should say.

I hope you all got a brief insight into my foodie life, and I can’t wait to start posting more this month.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!


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