Foodie February! COSTCO Favorites.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Foodie February! Today I will be sharing with you my Costco favorites with you, I love going to Costco because you can get everything in bulk. Some items are worth buying, while others not so much. So today I will introduce my favorites, unfortunately, some items were discontinued but some of my other favorites are still in stock.

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Let’s begin and enjoy!



If you need to munch one something sweets and you don’t want to be unhealthy, these dried figs are a great choice. They chewy and delicious.
I love putting walnuts in my salads, granola and smoothie bowls. I cannot recall the price but I think it better to buy this from Costco rather than Bulk Barn.
I love Caesar salads, and of course, croutons are essential. I have discovered that buying a regular bag from the grocery store is not worth it because the bag is half full. Buying a package from Costco is more cost efficient.
I don’t always have time to boil and mash potatoes, so buying a package of these saves me a lot of time.
Annie’s macaroni and cheese, and their crackers are divine. I get a pack of these mac n’ cheese for days when I don’t feel like cooking and I need something quick and easy.
I love quinoa, it is a healthier alternative to rice. This costs around $20 but it is worth it because it lasts me for a long time. 
This is my favorite brand of healthy pasta, regular pasta makes me feel very bloated and sick. So I’ve switched to this one made out of chia, quinoa, and amaranth. It is delicious and even better.
I’m not much a soup lover, but this soup is delicious. If I don’t want to have a heavy dinner, I have this soup instead with some leaf lettuce.



I’ve been buying this for years and I put it on everything. On my salads, soups and other meals, I cook.
This is my favorite brand of cereal, I discovered it back in 2012 and when I found Costco had it in stock I was absolutely ecstatic. 
I drink green tea a lot so, buying this in bulk is a life savior.
I love these mini quiches, I make them for dinner or for lunches at work with some salad.
Ok, so I know this product has chicken but before I became pescetarian I used to eat this all the time. It was quick and easy to make.
My favorite section in the entire store is the produce section. I buy a lot of items from here.
A bulk of grapes is always a good idea, and here is a tip. If you are craving sweets, take some grapes and freeze them. They will taste like candy. 



Already chopped broccoli is a time saver, I dislike washing and cutting broccoli so this is great. 
I’m a huge avocado lover when I discovered this guacamole I was so happy. It is delicious, you should all try it!



Last but certainly not least, it is baby spinach. I buy this for my smoothies and salads. 

Thank you all so much for reading and see you soon!



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