Music March! Late 90s Week|New Rascals – You Get What You Give!

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Welcome back to Late 90s Week, today I will be introducing New Rascals and their song “You Get What You Give”.

They are an American alternative rock band active from 1997 to 1999. The lead singer Gregg Alexander has written and produced all the songs. On July 12, 1999 Gregg announced the group will be breaking up for good.

Their hot single You Get What You Give was released in 1998 and it reached number five in the United Kingdom and number one in Canada and New Zealand.

Let me know what you think about the song in the comments section!

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Music March! Late 90s Week|Destiny’s Child – Bug A Boo.

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Welcome back to Late 90s Week, today I will be introducing Destiny’s Child and their song “Bug A Boo”.

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I started listening to Destiny’s Child in 1999, I was ten years old at the time and the time where my love for music became stronger. Destiny’s Child formed in 1997 in Houston, Texas with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Robertson, Letoya Luckett and Farrah Franklin. There were a few changes to the line up around that time, and eventually, the group became a trio with Beyond, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

I could’ve chosen many of the songs but this song made me love Destiny’s Child even more. The single was written by Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Robertson, Letoya Luckett and it was released August 23, 1999. Unfortunately, Bug A Boo failed in sales after the huge success of their song “Bills Bills Bills”.

Despite this, I still love the song and I wanted to share it with you all! I hope you like it.

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Music March! Late 90s Week|Chirstina Aguilera – Genie In a Bottle.

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Welcome back to Late 90s Week, today’s song choice is “Genie In a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera.

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This single was Aguilera’s debut single and it was released in 1999, her vocals and lyrics earned a number one spot on the charts in twenty-one countries. Globally the single sold over 10 million copies and is listed as one of the best selling singles of all time.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of the song! It is fun going down memory lane, I feel like a child again when I listen to these songs.

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Music March! Late 90s Week|NSync – Tearin’ Up My Heart.

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Welcome to start of Late 90s Week, this is also the last week of Music March, so let’s enjoy the next few days of more music.

Today we are going back to my beloved 90s, an era was known for the best music, TV, lifestyle, and fashion. I was a child in 90s, my best memories of the 90s start around 1994. In the late 90s, the teen boy band craze began and then the supposed rivalry between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Today I will be sharing one of my favorite songs by NSync, I don’t think they need an introduction but I realize someone of you may be unfamiliar with them. NSync was formed in 1995 in Orlando, Florida. The members were Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick.

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They became very famous selling millions of records and eventually collaborating with many well-respected musicians such as Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins and Elton John. In 2002 it was announced they will going a temporary hiatus, but they haven’t released music since then.

Their single “Tearin’ Up My Heart” was released in February 1997 and within two days it became one of the most requested videos. This was a hit and I refer to it as a timeless classic.

Enjoy 🙂


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Music March! Kpop Week|Stray Kids’ – District 9.

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I missed posting the final Kpop song for Kpop week, so here it is today.

Today I will be introducing a new group that debuted this week under JYP Entertainment. The band I am talking about is called Stray Kids’ and their song “District 9″.

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Stray Kids’ “District 9” becomes Kpop group debut MV with most views in 24 hours, and that’s always a good sign for a rookie group. They have also topped the iTunes charts in 10 countries with their official debut. So far the group is off to a good start, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

This is a dystopia inspired music video that shows the members as white-clad inmates in a dark facility as they plot a jailbreak.

Watch the music video below what write your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Music March! Kpop Week|Gugudan – The Boots.

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Welcome back to Kpop Week!

Today I’ll be introducing Gugudan and their song “The Boots”.

Gugudan is a South Korean girl group who debuted on June 28, 2016 under Jellyfish Entertainment! Their new song has a catchy chorus and a signature dance move that many Kpop fans will be recreating.

With that being said I think this concept suits the girls better, in the future they should pull away from the cutesy concepts. I think this song is good start in the right direction for the group and I hope their entertainment company sticks with this concept.

What do you guys think about this song? Let me know in the comments below.

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Music March! Kpop Week|Sojung – Stay Here.

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Welcome back to Kpop Week!

Today I will be introducing Sojung a member of the South Korean group Ladies Code and her song “Stay Here”.

Sojung has a golden voice in this song she manages to convey her emotions and her desire to open her heart like a flower blooming just in time for spring. This is an R&B inspired track with a soulful twist.

Sojung was first discovered on the Korean version of The Voice, she wowed the judged with her soulful and jazzy vocals. Let’s just say she has a unique and distinct voice. In 2013, she debuted as part of Ladies Code formed by Polaris Entertainment. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the group in 2014 when the girls got in a car accident after leaving a scheduled performance. The tragic event took the lives of two members, after a year and a half hiatus the girls returned in March 2016. Sojung made her solo debut in May 2017 and now she is back.

I am happy and proud of how well the girls are doing and I hope to see many more solo releases from Sojung.

Let me know what you think about this beautiful song!

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