Music March! Soundtrack Week | Game of Thrones – Against All Odds.

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the first official post of Music March, we are introducing the first song choice for soundtrack week. My choice for today is Against All Odds from Game of Thrones.

I have to thank Ramin Djawadi for composing beautiful masterpieces. The Game of Thrones soundtrack is moving and it makes you feel every emotion. Whether it’s sadness, despair, loneliness, or strength. Ramin Djawadi knows how to move the audience with his music.

The instrumental I chose to share with you all was a beautiful song from Season 7. Against All Odds is taken from the scene where Jon Snow and his crew are completely surrounded by the White Walkers. The sequence of this scene shows the audience their fierce battle, that slowly turns to losing hope, and quickly to strength when Daenerys arrives.

Everything about this instrumental is perfection, the melody is strong and inspiring. It conveys the emotions Jon Snow was going through when he was fighting to the death. Sometimes I listen to this to inspire me during the day, or when I have to do a difficult workout.

What is your favourite instrumental from GoT? It’s hard to choose, but I would love to read your responses.

Enjoy the song and see you tomorrow!


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