Music March! Late 90s Week Finale.

Hello everyone,

I’ve done it again, I missed the last two days of Music March, but here I am today to share with you the final two 90’s music videos.

The two 90s songs I chose are “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys. I chose these two songs because they got me into listening to the late 90s teen pop era. I have the greatest memories watching these music videos on MTV, back when MTV actually played music videos.

Britney Spears – Baby One More Time

This song was the beginning of Britney Spears’s career, I remember I was so obsessed with this song. The song was released on October 23, 1998, through Jive Records and it became an instant hit. It reached number one in every country it charted in, including the United Kingdom, where it earned double-platinum certification from the British Phonographic Industry and became the country’s best-selling song of 1999.

The Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

It was released on April 12, 1999, as the lead single from their third studio album, Millennium. It was written by Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson, while Martin and Kristian Lundin produced it. This song was called the pop ballad of the year and it reached the number-one spot in more than 25 countries, including Austria, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

I hope you guys enjoyed these two songs, and thank you so much for keeping up with my Music March schedule. Again, my apologies for falling behind schedule! April will not have a theme, regular posts will return this week.

Thank you for visiting my blog and see you soon!


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