Music Monday! (G)I-DLE – LATATA

Hello everyone,

Welcome back o Music Monday!

Today I will be introducing a new Kpop group that just debuted under Cube Entertainment. The song I’ll be sharing is “La Ta Ta” by (G)I-DLE!

This South Korean girl group debuted on May 2, 2018, and they currently have two million views on their music video. The group consists of six members, let me introduce them to you!

Soyeon is the leader of the group and former contestant of the popular talent survival show, Produce 101. The showcased her talents as a rapper and she also appeared as a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar Season 3 and the places third on the show. She is the most popular member, so it makes sense for her entertainment agency to push her as the center of the group.

She was a formed YG Entertainment trainee and she was supposed to debut as part of BlackPink. She is the main vocalist!

She is from Thailand and she is known for also being a Rising Star Cosmetics Model. She is the lead vocalist of the group.

Growing up Soojin took jazz dance lesson, and was quite keen on becoming an idol despite her father’s opposition. She became a trainee in 2016 and her position in the group is Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist.

Yuqi is the lead vocalist and dancer of (G)I-dle and she was born in Beijing! For me personally, her deep voice stood out in the music video. I can’t wait to hear her sing more.

Shuhua is the youngest member of the group and her position in the group is vocalist and visual. She has stated that her biggest inspiration for becoming a Kpop idol was Hyuna.

This is a brief look at each of the members and I think they’ll be big one day. Their music video is visually appealing with wonderful fashion and a pleasing aesthetic. The song is catchy with an edgier concept that I think is needed in the Kpop industry.

They just debuted but I already can’t wait for their comeback single!

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My Dance Journey!

Hello everyone,

I am back again with another blog post and today I want to chat about my dancing journey.

I’ve been dancing since I was a child, but it wasn’t until November 2017 that I got back in the dance studio part-time. One of the reasons why I finally decided to get over stage fright and attend dance class was because of a friendship breakup. Last year I went through a friendship breakup with a friend who was like family to me, so I needed a distraction. I’ve been following a dance studio Instagram account for a few months and they offer Kpop classes. As you guys know, I love absolutely love Kpop and I love to learn the choreography. One day I saw they are offering a six-week course for the Blackpink song, “As If It’s Your Last”.

I knew this is the perfect opportunity because I was obsessed with the song and I’ve been wanting to learn the dance for a long time. The price of the course package was around $125 and it was worth the price. At the end of the course, a cameraman came to film the dance music video and posted it on the DanceLifeX Youtube channel.

I was quite nervous the first day I started the course, I preferred to stay at the back rather than the front. The thing is I’ve always known I am a good dancer, but it’s been a while since I’ve danced and I didn’t want my teacher to watch my mistakes. As time progressed, I started to feel more confident and I started moving closer to the front. It was also helpful because I could watch myself in the mirror while I danced to see my improvement and fix any mistakes I made. I noticed a change in me when I started dancing, I became more confident in my abilities as a dancer. It also helped me to become less introverted. I am very thankful for my dance studio and the people I have met!

The last day of the course was shooting day, we all came dressed up and ready to show off our moves. I was on a team with two people and we rehearsed a little bit before it was our turn to perform. Our turn came and we filmed the dance twice, the first take I messed up a bit because it was my first time being in front of the camera. The second take was much better and I felt even more confident. If you are curious to watch the video, I will add it below this text. I am the girl with the floweral shirt and long black hair!

This is not the end of my dance journey, in fact, this is only the beginning. In January, I joined another six-week dance course for BTS’s song, “Mic Drop”.  I noticed a major difference in me when I started the course. I was always at the front of the class close to my teacher because I felt confident enough to dance in front of all the other students. My dance technique improved and my moves were sharper. This course offered a new challenge, formations. Dance formations are very popular in Kpop dancing and they can be quite challenging. We didn’t have the opportunity to practice longer to perfect the formations but we did our best. Filming day was fun and super busy, we shot the dance music video in one take. My facial expressions were better and I made more eye contact with the camera. I will add this video as well when the video starts I am part of the third teams that are shown and I am in the center.

Now, what’s next? Well, I am currently training for my first dance recital that’ll take place in June. As you can see I went from staying at the back of the class to training for my first dance performance. I feel super proud of my progress, and I can’t wait to continue. I’ve always wanted to get back to dance but something always stopped me. Never let fear limit your abilities, on the other side of fear is a brand new life.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow for Music Monday 🙂